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Friends of Burren Yoga

If you have a printer

Could you download a poster on our retreats, and print out to put up on a local notice-board for us please?

Please download the poster (by clicking on the link in blue below) and print out.

Download PDF poster for our retreats to your PC for printing

The poster may take 20 seconds to download. Or a little longer if you have a slow connection.

When it has downloaded, Right mouse click on the ‘Poster PDF’ and select ‘Print’

Could you put up the poster on a notice-board in any of the following places?

• work place
• local yoga centre
• fitness centre
• health food shop
• any other suitable notice board

Thank you for printing out a poster for our retreats!

If you do not have access to a printer

Please fill in the form below, if you would like to receive a poster of our upcoming retreats, which you could put up on a noticeboard for us.

This helps us to ‘get the word out’ about our retreats, and is a much appreciated way for you to help support the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Use the form to sign up, or to stop receiving posters

If you have been receiving posters in the past, but are unable to put up the posters, please use the form below to let us know to stop sending you the posters by selecting the tick box “No thank you”

This form can also be used to give us your new postal address in the comments box at the end of the form.

Your Name

Your Email

Please ensure your email address is correct

Contact Phone number

County where you live (Or Country if outside Ireland)

I would like to receive 2 posters twice per year
 Yes No thank you

To save postage, may we email you the poster and you print this yourself?
 email is fine I have no Printer. Please send by Post

Any comments or questions you may have

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