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    Letter of support for the Burren Yoga Centre

    We are asking you to write a letter stating your support for the Burren Yoga Centre.


    We are applying for planning permission to expand the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre to upgrade the facilities and also to build our own family home.

    Galway County Council look favourably on applications that have full support of the local community and also for small ecotourism businesses who bring visitors to this rural area, and who support the other small local businesses.

    We are hoping to present a large number of letters of support to accompany our planning application that is due for submission on 27th October.

    Content of the letter

    The letter can either be addressed to Galway County Council, or the Planning Department of Galway County Council, or simply ‘to whom it may concern’.

    Please state your name and your address and today’s date, and also why you support our application to expand and upgrade the facilities at the Burren Yoga Centre and to build our own house. Some ideas are listed in the sections below, but even better to use your own reasons/wording.

    It is fine to have a one sentence letter of support, if you are very busy.

    It you run a business, it would also help to have your letter on your business headed paper if possible.

    If you were here on retreat, maybe to mention that it brought you to this beautiful area of the Burren.

    Date that we need your letter by

    We are submitting our application for planning permission on 27th October.

    Please email or post your letter of support to us by then. Address at the end of this letter.

    Examples of the benefits that the new centre will provide;

    • The centre will cater for 18 people instead of 15 people
    • Provide more employment for staff running the centre
    • There will be much more space for people, and each person will have over twice the current amount of space
    • The yoga room will be bigger and give each person more space
    • There will be fewer people sharing in the new bedrooms, and bunk beds will all be replaced with hotel quality beds
    • There will be a choice on en-suite bedrooms, more single and twin rooms as well as rooms for 3 sharing
    • The dining and relaxing areas will be expanded to provide more space and comfort
    • There will be a dedicated massage and therapy room
    • Gardens will be landscaped to provide outdoor seating areas and areas to relax

    Example of what we have provided already since 1999

    • Provided an amenity of yoga classes for people in this rural area
    • Brought in visitors to this rural area on a year round basis
    • Provide a website which show cases the Burren area and attracts people to visit
    • Brought our residential guests to visit the local cafes and restaurants and also craft shops and support other small businesses in the area
    • Provided employment including cooking, gardening, teaching yoga, massage, cleaning, taxi service, maintenance as well as other small project work
    • Ensure that we maintain a good relationship with our neighbours and run the centre in a careful and non-intrusive way
    • Run the centre in an environmentally friendly way in order to sustain this carefully managed ecotourism business without negatively impacting on the environment
    • Been involved with local projects to protect the fragile nature of the Burren and also helping improve rural services such as broadband for local people

    Address to send your letter to


    or post it to
    Dave Brocklebank
    Burren Yoga and meditation Centre
    Co Galway

    Thank you for your support

    We hope to continue to provide the best quality yoga and meditation retreats, and also classes for local people over many years to come.

    Thank you for your support with this.

    If you would like any more information, please feel free to phone me at 091-637680

    Best Wishes,