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    Back pain

    Back pain can have many causes, and it can be very difficult to get clear advise on how to treat your own particular condirion.

    When man evolved from walking on 4 legs, to walking upright on 2 legs, this involved a huge shift of the skeletal structure over hundreds of thousands of years.

    The result being that upright man has certain weakness and vulnerabilities to injuries and pain in his back.

    The spinal cord runs up the centre of the spine. There are many nerves in the spinal cord, and these bring signals from the brain to the internal organs, the muscles, and sense recepors of the body, and also bring singlans from these parts back to the brain.

    Each of these nerves protrude out of the spine between the vertebrae as they come into the body. There is a disc between each of the vertebrae which act like shock absorbers, and prevent the vertebrae grinding one on top of the next.

    However in the case of a slipped disc, often the disc prodtrudes and produces pressure on the nerve and this can cause pain and discomfort.

    In other coses, the muscles on either side of the spine which maintain the strength of the back and enable us tostand tall and straigh become gradually weker over the years, particularily nowadays when so may of us lead more sedentary lives.

    And as these muscles become weaker, there is a tendency to slouch more and round the back. This causes strain on other muscles and these tend to ache in time. These aches can become chronic, and the aches and pain associated with them can lead to tirdness and irratability.

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