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  • August Satyananda Yoga and Meditation with Tadhg Ferriter

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    • August Satyananda Yoga and Meditation with Tadhg Ferriter

      August 14th – 20th 2015

      This an OLD retreat.

      Apologies, this retreat took place in 2014.

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      Full week retreat: €690. Click here for prices to attend part of retreat

      Summary of August Satyananda Yoga week retreat

      This invigorating yoga retreat in August consists of an inviting and uplifting timetable over the week of

      • classes by very experienced yoga and meditation teacher Tadhg Ferriter
      • introduction to meditation and deepening of your practice
      • breathing practices and breath awareness
      • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation
      • Satyananda yoga classes
      • delicious vegetarian meals by Paddi our amazing cook
      • comfortable accommodation at the centre
      • adventures and guided outings each day by an experienced guide
      • sample local cuisine at the best local restaurants or cafes during our outings
      • enjoy meeting like minded people in this relaxed friendly environment


      August is usually the best month for good weather in the Burren so be prepared for lovely adventures each day as Dave will guide the group on optional hill walks, walks by the sea, boat trip to Cliffs of Moher, and bring you to very special places well away from the usual tourist places.

      Feel refreshed, energised and relaxed on this stress free week of energizing yoga, calming meditation, relaxing yoga nidra, amazing vegetarian food, and outdoor walks in the hills and by the sea.

      An ideal week to let go of the stresses and strains of everyday life and to let go into a very peaceful and tranquil environment with a gifted teacher and share some time with like minded people.


      Who this post August Satyananda Yoga retreat is suitable for

      This August Yoga retreat will be reasonably gentle and is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, but will also challenge each person to work with the postures to their own ability.


      Arrival on Friday 14th August 2015

      Time Activity
      5:30 – 7:00 pm Arrival & Registration
      7:00 pm Dinner
      8:00 – 8:30 pm Karma Yoga
      9:00 pm Introduction to the retreat
      9:15 – 10:00 pm Breathwork and deep relaxation


      Typical daily timetable

      Time Activity
      7:30 – 9:30 am Satyananda yoga class
      9:30 – 10:00 am Meditation (including introduction for beginners)
      10:00 am Breakfast
      10:45 am Karma yoga
      11:15 – 1:45 pm Guided outdoor trip into the Burren
      2:00 pm Lunch at local restaurant or cafe
      4:30 pm Approx return to centre
      7:00 pm Dinner
      7:45 – 8:15 pm Karma yoga
      8:00 – 9:00 pm Free time
      9:00 – 9:30 pm Meditation


      Every second afternoon we will have extra class

      Time Activity
      5:00 – 6:30 pm Satyananda Yoga class

      Every second day, as well as the usual classes listed on the typical day’s timetable above, we have an additional afternoon class from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.


      Close of retreat on Thursday 20th August 2015

      Time Activity
      7:30 – 9:30 am Satyananda yoga class
      9:30 – 10:00 am Meditation
      10:00 am Breakfast
      10:45 am Karma yoga
      11:15 – 12:00 pm Farewells
      12:00 noon Depart


    • Instructor Bio Tadhg Ferriter

      Tadhg Ferriter is in his forties, and practiced from many yoga styles before discovering Satyananda yoga in the 90’s. Like many students of yoga he was first attracted to the relaxing benefits the postures brought to the busy lifestyle and demanding career path he found himself on.

      Tadhg completed his training as a Satyananda teacher with Swami ShraddhaMurti and Swami ChetanMurti in Galway in the mid 1990’s.

      Since then he continues to study with great teachers in Ireland and abroad taking courses in Meditation, Yoga Therapy and Ashram Life in France, Wales, India and Greece and the resulting clarity he has achieved in his teaching shows in the way he understands and connects with his own students.

      Read more Tadhg Ferriter‘s full Bio

    • Tadhg Ferriter’s Satyananda yoga and meditation course was the perfect introduction to yoga for me, and helped me deeply experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga practice…. Liz, Galway


      Description of this August Satyananda yoga retreat with Tadhg

      There is a lovely balance of lightness and a sincere spiritual enquiry to Tadhg’s approach giving us clear guidance on how to let go of our external everyday life, and to take this journey inwards of Self Discovery.

      Combined with Tadhg’s great sense of humour, the sound you will hear most during this week is laughter 😉

      Who August Yoga and Meditation retreat is suitable for

      This August yoga retreat is suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced people of all ages and all levels of fitness.



      It is suitable for those who prefer a more traditional approach to yoga and a more gentle approach than Ashtanga.

      Satyananda Yoga is suited to anyone who is looking for an integrated approach to their physical, mental, and spiritual development.



      This retreat is suitable for all ages and all levels of ability.

      The Burren is a spectacular place to go for hill walks and the scenery is stunning.

      The unspoilt natural countryside of The Burren and the un-inhabited spectacular shaped limestone hills which plunge into the Atlantic ocean is an ideal place to take time away from your usual life and be inspired to undertake this spiritual journey inwards.



      These guided outings are an important part of each eco yoga retreat and it is a lovely way to see some special places in the Burren well away from the usual tourist places.



      The secret forest has been described by one visitor as the type of place that fairies and elves live, and when they heard us coming they hid out of sight, but did not have time to take away their fairy veils and magic feelings which fill the air.


      During our guided outing we stop off for lunch at one of the best local restaurants or cafes. One favourite is the Ballyvaughan tea rooms where Stephen Spielberg flew in especially to order the cheese cake.



      During August there are plenty of wild flowers and it is lovely each year to see old friends popping up.



      Satyananda Yoga® classes are balanced between physical postures (asana), breathing (pranayama) and meditation practices.

      Working with the awareness is emphasised right from the start. Satyananda Yoga is suitable for people of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities.

      This August yoga retreat is reasonably gentle and includes

      • breath work

      • some gentle postures

      • some more challenging postures (variations will be given to beginners)

      • salutation to the sun

      • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation

      • Meditation



      Tadhg gives instructions appropriate for each individual.

      The goal of the August retreat is to ensure you have a genuine Satyananda yoga experience, covering a range of practices some unique to the Satyananda system with a view to using them, and benefiting from them in your life.

      However it will also be an adventurous week with daily guided outings which are fun-filled as well as inspiring.



      As usual on all the Burren yoga retreats, Dave will take the group out on a guided outing each day into the Burren hills or by the sea. This is a great way to get to see some special places in the Burren well away from the usual tourist places.

      The quietness and peacefulness of the Burren is an inspiring place to see and to feel present within.

      These outings are a very big part of our eco yoga retreats and spending time climbing the hills and walks by the sea is a great way to be shown around the Burren which is located close to the mid-point of the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland.



      Just spending time in Nature is like food for the soul.

      During our guided outings, we stop for lunch at one of the local restaurants or cafes which is a great way to sample the best of the locale cuisine in the Burren.



      Some retreat participants come along on this week-long yoga retreat to deepen their existing yoga practice, others will be starting out.

      Some people come along on this retreat simply to get away from their everyday lives and to spend time in a relaxed friendly environment learning new skills of yoga and meditation as well as having great fun and spending time with like-minded people.

      Tadhg’s clear approach is suitable for all. ‘Even if you are an experienced practitioner of a different tradition there will be plenty in this course to challenge and encourage you.’



      Students engaging in the beautiful practice of Trataka – The word Trataka means ‘to look’ or ‘to gaze’.



      It is both an uplifting meditation practice and a cleansing practice and it acts as stepping stone between physically oriented practices and mental practices which lead to higher states of awareness.



      Tadhg takes care that everyone is practicing them at a level suitable for their body.

      There is no competition or comparison between people within Satyananda yoga, and Tadhg ensures that everyone is comfortable practicing to their own level.


      Some of the postures Tadhg teaches are reasonable gentle, while others are more challenging, energizing and invigorating.

      Each class has a measured balance of postures, and also some classes include meditation or other specific practices for calming and taming the mind.



      This week is a lovely way to be taken around to different parts of the Burren and to be shown many special places well of the usual beaten tourist trail.

      The Burren has been described as a lunar landscape, as it is like nowhere else on earth with it’s spectacular shaped hills which plunge down into the Atlantic ocean.



      If you enjoy swimming you should bring your own beach towel and swimming gear and there will be many opportunities during the week to either go swimming in the sea or the lake nearby the centre.

      We are blessed on the west coast by the gulf stream and hopefully this summer we will have nice sunny weather so that we can also take some time out to sun bathe and to simply lie and appreciate the feeling of the sun on our skin.


      Tadhg works carefully and sensitively on the teacher – student relationship, and the practice it nourishes.

      Balance practices are also useful for taming the mind.



      Swami Satyananda describes yoga as “a higher form of common sense, a pure and precise science which evolves from within. To live yoga is to be in harmony with oneself.”



      Each evening Paddi who used to run Seventh Heaven restaurant for over 12 years, prepares a delicious vegetarian dinner and many people have said they have not eaten vegetarian food as good as this at any restaurant.



      Many people nowadays practice physical yoga, but many are seeking out good meditation teachers to introduce meditation to them, and to help them explore the heartfelt practice of yoga to a deeper level.


      Sitting together after asana practice – magical moments of total peace and tranquillity in touch with your whole being, with only the sounds of the birds as a soft Burren back-drop.



      For the meditation is it important to find a comfortable position and Tadhg helps you find a posture and the suitable props (meditation stool, meditation cushion, blocks, blankets) which work best for your body.

      While asana (yoga postures) of appropriate strength for the each individual student are important for progressing, the use of Pranayma (work with the Breath) and meditation are also considered necessary to address the whole being from an early stage in the Satyananda system.



      One big difference between attending regular weekly yoga classes and going away on a weekend yoga retreat is that being in a yoga environment allows one break away from the normal life patterns and responsibilities which in turn allows one to experience the practices and their effects to a deeper level in more tranquil surroundings.

      There is also a lightness and a sense of fun to Tadhg’s approach giving us an example of working through difficult things in life with ease, gentleness, softness. Not a being a pushover to others, but not confronting others and life like a concrete wall. When a teacher has a sense of authentic (not pretend!) fun about them, everybody can feel this. It sets everyone at ease. When we’re at ease, it’s easier to go inside, to be inspired by our own selves.

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