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  • New Year Loving Care Yoga and Meditation with Claudia Gutierrez

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    • New Year Loving Care Yoga and Meditation with Claudia Gutierrez

      December 27th 2019 – January 2nd 2020



      Full Week retreat: €730.
      Click here for prices to attend part of the week, or to include single room or unwaged discounts


      Summary of New Year Loving Care Yoga and Meditation week retreat with Claudia Gutierrez

      Bring in the New Year in the most positive way
      Do you ever dream to go to a yoga class just to enjoy the relaxing poses, the enjoyable ones! (child poses, relaxing twists, long shavasana, etc, etc,) those ones that makes you feel you are a step closer to heaven, just dissolving your stress and worries away ?

      Claudia’s classes on this retreat will consist in a beautiful blend of gentle stretching, relaxing and restorative poses to melt away physical and mental tension and deeply rest the mind and body.

      We combine deep and yet easy stretches using yoga props (chairs, blocks, belts, bolsters) and restorative poses to release the stress of your week, increase flexibility, range of movement and posture.

      We help you to create body awareness so you can easily adjust your posture during your normal day to avoid unnecessary tension in the muscles and areas more prone to generate physical pain (back, neck and shoulders).

      Our focus will be to calm and nurture ourselves on all levels during the class. Including Positive Affirmations, Visualizations and Chakra’s work and meditation to enhance the experience.

      The conscious relaxation techniques taught can be used outside of the yoga room as well, encouraging us to take our practice off the mat and into the world.

      This New Year retreat consists of an inviting and uplifting timetable over the week of

      • classes by very experienced yoga and meditation teacher Claudia Gutierrez
      • Loving Care Yoga classes
      • introduction to meditation and deepening of your practice
      • breathing practices and breath awareness
      • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation
      • delicious vegetarian meals
      • comfortable accommodation at the centre
      • daily guided outings into the Burren hills and by the sea by an experienced guide
      • sample local cuisine at the best of the local restaurants or cafes
      • enjoy meeting like minded people in this relaxed friendly environment

      A whole week just for you! Unwind, challenge yourself, let go and relax!

      Learn some new yoga practices, and also how to relax, let go and feel at home in your own body

      We have combined Loving Care Yoga and meditation classes, a lovely guided outing each day and delicious meals in great company in the tranquil surroundings of the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre, providing the relaxation and the peace that you need.

      With more than 22 years as a yoga instructor, and a further 12 years as a fitness and P.E. teacher, Claudia will make you feel welcomed and comfortable in her classes, even if you think you are too stiff or too unfit, even if you have never tried yoga before.

      Claudia will help you to make peace with yourself and your body and feel ok just being you!


      Who this New Year Loving Care Yoga and meditation Retreat is suitable for

      This week is suitable for everybody. Everybody is welcome!

      We use different yoga props to make your yoga experience comfortable and enjoyable.

      (You will receive as well, Claudia’s DVD: Yoga for Computer Users, to help you to maintain your practice at home)


      Arrival on Friday 27th December 2019

      5:30 – 7:00 pmArrival & Registration
      7:00 pmDinner
      8:00 – 8:30 pmKarma Yoga
      9:00 pmIntroduction to the retreat
      9:30 – 10:15 pmRestorative Yoga


      Typical day’s timetable


      8:00 – 8:30 amPranayama – Meditation including intro for beginners
      8:30 – 10:00 amLoving Care Yoga class
      10:00 amBreakfast
      10:45 amKarma yoga
      11:15 – 2:00 pmOutdoor trip into the Burren
      2:00 pmLunch at local restaurant or cafe
      5:00 pmApprox return to centre
      5:00 – 7:00 pmFree Time
      7:00 pmDinner
      7:45 – 8:15 pmKarma yoga
      8:00 – 9:00 pmFree time
      9:00 – 9:30 pmMeditation and Yoga Nidra


      Alternate days

      5:00 – 6:30 pmRestorative yoga class

      Every second day, as well as the usual classes listed on the typical day’s timetable above, we have an additional afternoon class.


      Close of retreat on Thursday 2nd January 2020

      8:00 – 8:30 amPranayama – Meditation
      8:30 – 10:00 amLoving Care Yoga class
      10:00 amBreakfast
      10:45 amKarma yoga
      11:15 – 12:00 pmFarewells
      12:00 noonDepart
    • Instructor Bio Claudia Gutierrez

      Claudia Gutierrez:
      Claudia Gutierrez is a very welcoming yoga teacher and you will feel instantly at ease when you meet her.

      Claudia has over 22 years experience as a yoga teacher and prior to that a further 12 years as a Fitness Instructor and P.E. teacher.

      For many years she was Gymnastics Coach and Gymnastics Judge (beside her P. E. Teacher work in Schools and as yoga and fitness instructor) and has a great ability to encourage each person to do their best, while also enjoying themselves and not pushing too hard.

      In her classes you can expect to feel comfortable and welcomed. It does not matter whether you yourself think you may be stiff or too unfit, or whether you have never tried before. Claudia will adapt the yoga poses and help you to make peace with yourself and your body and feel ok just being you!

      From that starting point of acceptance of your present state of fitness, flexibility, strength and relaxation, you will be able to grow week by week as you continue the practices you learn while you are here over the week.

      Read more Claudia Gutierrez’s full Bio

    • I took my first class at Yoga fitness last October and I was instantly hooked!.
      Claudia is a gifted teacher and a constant inspiration. Her compassion and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn!
      My yoga and body toning practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being and Claudia’s enthusiasm and warmth motivate me to integrate yoga into my life. My only regret is that I didn’t start much sooner.
      Yoga Fitness is the only place to go! … Elena Mila, June 2014


      Description of Loving Care Yoga & Meditation retreat

      A yoga class is a treat to yourself. Few moments in life allows us to step out of the stress of the normal life and return back home, to our body, feelings and emotions in a safe place and just be…

      With more than 30 years in the field, Claudia combines her expertise as a yoga teacher with her experience as a P.E. Teacher and Fitness instructor in order to make you feel at home in your own body, providing tools that you can apply in your normal life to combat stress and stiffness, feeling fresh and renewed.

      The first thing you will notice about Claudia is her soft accepting happy vibe, as she makes you feel at home right away, cared for and accepted for who you are.

      Her voice is soft and soothing and makes each person feel at home in her presence.

      Claudia is known for adapt the Yoga exercises to you. Not the other way around!

      She believes that your age or your level of fitness doesn’t matter, and that Yoga is for everybody. The shape or weight of your body also does not matter, and Claudia will help you feel at home and comfortable during her classes.

      Claudia Gutierrez yoga class

      Claudia makes Yoga accessible to everybody, and there are no comparisons made between anybody. No matter whether you are young, fit and with a huge experience in yoga or whether you are older, unfit with no prior yoga experience.

      Claudia includes mindfulness, lightness and deep awareness in grounding and connection in her classes – as well as joy and humour 😉

      yoga fitness class

      The classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. Claudia will help you to be mindful with your practice and to learn how to listen, honour and respect your body.

      yoga for fitness

      During the week some classes will be gentle Vinyasa flow, where the postures will be more flowing and move from one posture to another.

      Vinyasa yoga fitness

      Some of the classes will be restorative and we will use gentle and safe exercises having at hand different props and elements to make you experience with yoga comfortable and enjoyable.

      restorative and fitness

      This is time just for you! Your body will thank you for take this time to unwind and release the stress and worries of the normal life.

      fitness and flexibility

      Treat yourself to a stress free week of inspiring and gently challenging vinyasa yoga and as well as relaxing restorative yoga, calming meditation, amazing vegetarian food, and outdoor walks in the hills and by the sea, sharing time with like-minded people in a peaceful and tranquil environment with a gifted teacher.

      yoga for fitness weekend

      We are by your side in the search for a more relaxed way of living. Come along to start to live your life to the fullest!

      fitness yoga retreat

      Claudia will also teach pranayama (breathing techniques) which will help calm the mind and bring your awareness inwards.

      The breath is the key to quietening the mind, and one of the most important things in any yoga class.

      Claudia will guide you so that you understand the technique and then enjoy the benefits and bringing your awareness into the present moment.

      breathing and fitness

      Traditionally in yoga, the physical postures were only a preparation to remove energy blocks from the body, and to help the energy flow in an unrestricted way through the inner channels, thus preparing oneself for entering into meditative states of being.

      There will be morning and evening meditation classes each day during the week to teach these techniques to complete beginners, and to give you time to experience the practices, so that you can continue at home after the retreat.

      fitness and meditation

      In the evening classes Claudia will also guide you through a very deep relaxation practice known as Yoga Nidra. You will simply lie on your back on the soft restorative mats, and listen to Claudia’s soft soothing voice as she guides you to a place of inner stillness and restorative relaxation.

      fitness and relaxation

      What students said about Claudia

      Jill Clinch
      “Finding Claudia’s classes was like finding a little slice of heaven. I had heard her classes were good but that does not do her justice- it’s more than that. She has something special no one else has.

      We (ie. the people in her classes) have discussed this amongst ourselves and agree that she really has that perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness because she really knows her field so well and she has such a beautiful open and warm personality.

      She s a former gymnast so her conditioning classes are tough but brilliant, great fun with great music. No matter what your fitness level is, she is encouraging without pushing you too far.

      Her yoga classes are trully wonderful. She sets the tone with her calm and gentle manner. She knows everyone’s name and we all practise at our own pace in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

      She is just very good at what she does and I’m so glad I’ve found her and this place- it doesn’t feel like an exercise studio- it feels like home.

      You have to meet her and do her class then you will know for yourself what I’m talking about.”

      fitness yoga twist

      Viv Mc Dade
      Claudia is a truly wonderful teacher – gentle, genuine, encouraging and extremely skilled at explaining and demonstrating yoga positions. I have felt enormous benefits, both physically and mentally, since attending her classes and cannot recommend her highly enough. June 2014 –

      Fitness challenging yoga

      Fran Malone, Killiney
      I have attended Yoga classes over the years in Dublin, UK and California. Yoga Fitness in Dun Laoghaire is the best. Claudia is the most amazing, supportive and encouraging instructor that I have ever met. The studio is bright and airy. There is always a warm welcome. I always leave with a relaxed, chilled feeling, stretched, invigorated and ready to take-on whatever life brings

      Fitness yoga weekend

      Jake Mac Manus
      I started going to Yoga Fitness a few weeks back when the muscles in my right knee stopped me from hiking up the Wicklow & Sligo mountains. I knew that yoga was the best way to regain full fluidity in my body because of Ryan Giggs, Manchester United striker, and I was lucky enough to go to Claudia’s class for a free first session.

      She is by far the best teacher of Yoga I’ve experienced, always directing you with clear instructions, allowing the body to fully stretch into the pose before moving on in a continuous motion throughout the class that leaves me feeling energised, limbered up, and awake. She a brilliant teacher and I’m sticking with her for the winter months because I need to be in top shape when the Spring comes and I get out onto those mountains again.

      Claudia Gutierrez yoga weekend

      What is Restorative Yoga?

      Restorative Yoga provides healing for both body and mind. It has a particular ability to leave you nourished and well-rested, helping to support you during times of stress and fatigue and when you need to look after yourself the most.

      fitness restorative yoga

      In Restorative Yoga we create ease and openness by using props so that you feel safe to let go and surrender into every pose.

      yoga props relaxation

      The practice of Restorative Yoga is assisting your body to become less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and helps you achieve optimal health.
      With time and constant practise your fidgety body and restless mind will calm down so that you may find rest in the present moment and abide in peace within. After all, that is what Yoga is all about.

      meditation fitness retreat

      In the Yoga centre, you are spoiled with wide range of props – like blocks, bolsters, blankets, cushions, eye pillows, just to name a few – which support your body to deepen the sense of relaxation and surrender.
      In this beautiful, peaceful and tranquil place you can let go of any stresses and cares of your daily life. Claudia’s voice and particular accent create a space where everybody feels safe and secure enough to let go.

      Guided outing on Saturday

      On Saturday after a lovely start to the day of Yoga with Claudia, after breakfast we have a guided outing which will consist of either a hill climb or a walk by the sea.


      Hill walking holiday Ireland


      Followed by lunch at one of the local restaurants or cafes which is a great way to sample the best of the locale cuisine in the Burren.


      Ballyvaughan tea rooms



      Amazing vegetarian food

      On Friday evening and Saturady evening Paddi who used to run Seventh Heaven restaurant for over 12 years, prepares a vegetarian feast and many people have said they have not eaten food as good as this at any restaurant.


      Vegetarian food recipes



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