September Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Marie Quail

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  • September Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Marie Quail

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    • September 2015 Hatha Yoga and Meditation weekend retreat with Marie Quail

      September 11th – 13th 2015

      This an OLD retreat.

      Apologies, this retreat took place in 2015.

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      Summary of September Hatha yoga weekend retreat

      This retreat will be a weekend of Energising and Restorative Hatha Yoga and Meditation

      and consists of an inviting and uplifting timetable over the weekend of

      • Hatha yoga classes by very experienced yoga and meditation teacher Marie Quail from Northern Ireland
      • introduction to meditation and deepening of your practice
      • breathing practices and breath awareness
      • hatha yoga classes using precise alignment using Iyengar style teaching
      • Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra
      • delicious vegetarian meals
      • comfortable accommodation at the centre
      • guided outing on Saturday by an experienced guide
      • sample local cuisine at one of the local restaurants or cafes
      • enjoy meeting like minded people in this relaxed friendly environment


      This retreat weekend will provide a refreshing, energising yet deeply relaxing space through hatha yoga teaching suitable for all ages and all levels of abilities.

      The Yoga practice will be tailored to each person’s needs, and there is no comparison between different people.

      Marie breaks down the postures into very manageable and understandable steps. Ideal for beginners, but also with a wealth of information for regular practitioners.

      An ideal weekend to let go of the stresses and strains of everyday life and to let go into a very peaceful and tranquil environment with a very experienced teacher and share some time with like minded people.


      Who this September Hatha yoga weekend retreat is suitable for

      This September weekend is suitable for all levels and for all ages.

      Complete beginners to more experienced practitioners and aims to relax, restore and energize you…. and to inspire you to take up a daily yoga practice yourself after the weekend.


      Arrival on Friday 11th September 2015

      Time Activity
      5:30 – 7:00 pm Arrival & Registration
      7:00 pm Dinner
      8:00 – 8:30 pm Karma Yoga
      9:00 pm Introduction to the retreat
      9:15 – 10:00 pm Breathwork and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation


      Saturday’s timetable

      Time Activity
      8:00 – 8:30 am Pranayama and Meditation including intro for beginners
      8:30 – 10:00 am Hatha yoga class
      10:00 am Breakfast
      10:45 am Karma yoga
      11:15 – 2:00 pm Outdoor trip into the Burren
      2:00 pm Lunch at local restaurant or cafe
      4:00 pm Approx return to centre
      4:00 – 5:00 pm Free Time
      5:00 – 6:30 pm Restorative Yoga Class
      7:00 pm Dinner
      7:45 – 8:15 pm Karma yoga
      8:00 – 9:00 pm Free time
      9:00 – 9:30 pm Meditation and/or Yoga Nidra


      Close of retreat on Sunday 13th September 2015

      Time Activity
      8:00 – 8:30 am Pranayama and Meditation
      8:30 – 10:00 am Hatha yoga class
      10:00 am Breakfast
      10:45 am Karma yoga
      12:00 – 13:00 pm Hatha Yoga class and Q&A
      13:00 pm Lunch
      13:30 am Karma yoga
      14:00 pm Depart


    • Instructor Bio Marie Quail

      Marie Quail is from Northern Ireland and is a well know name within the yoga community and has been practicing yoga since the 70’s.

      Marie draws on her extensive experience of Iyengar yoga and also yoga-therapy to teach details of each posture so that they are suitable for all ages and all levels of ability.

      Marie is a very mature yoga practitioner and teacher, and brings breath awareness and the focussing of attention into one’s physical practice so that each person works at their own level.

      Marie uses breath awareness of softening into the physical posture. She has a lot of experience of teaching people with injuries or physical problems.

      Marie is a firm believer that “Yoga is for everybody…. regardless of age or ability and that everybody is welcome at her classes”

      Read more Marie Quail’s full bio

    • Marie’s understanding of the structures of the body and her careful attention to the action of yoga, makes each posture a voyage of mindful discovery. She gives beginners an excellent foundation and refreshes and deepens the practice of those with experience.

      Mary, Dublin


      Description of September 2015 Hatha yoga retreat

      Be inspired by Marie, let go, and ‘just be’

      Marie who is from Northern Ireland has been practicing yoga since the mid 70’s and has been involved in teaching yoga and also yoga teacher training for many years.


      Marie is a native of Northern Ireland and brings detail and also teaching demonstrations into her classes.



      Marie’s own yoga practice began with physical yoga postures and her appreciation for pranayama and meditation took many years to develop.

      For that reason Marie teaches physical postures with a lot of care and attention to physical detail of the postures while also bringing in focus of the breath allowing beginners to focus more on the physical detail, while more experienced practitioners will be able to use the breath to go deeper into the practice.



      When Marie began practicing yoga she felt as if she was meeting an old friend.



      This retreat weekend will provide a refreshing, energising yet deeply relaxing space through detailed hatha yoga practice utilising the breath and designed to bring us further on our own journey.

      Marie although placing a lot of emphasis on the detail of the postures, is working from a place where the real focus is not the actual posture, but rather the journey that ensues as a result of focussing on the posture…. and the breath… and the awareness.



      Some of the postures are quite gentle and encourage us to ‘let go’ of trying too hard physically, and to tune inwards to get in touch with how we are feeling right now in this present moment.



      Marie’ instructions are detailed and she utilises demonstrations and observation of teaching tips into her classes, and also teaches vinyasa (movement of postures coordinated with the breath) when she feels it is appropriate.


      Marie is both inspiring and intuitive; her skills of breaking down difficult asanas into easily managed sections makes yoga accessible and enjoyable for all

      Ann Gorman, Belfast


      The Yoga practice will be gently invigorating and energising, sometimes working with Vinyasa style flows, and sometimes slowing down to work with alignment and feeling into our experience.



      Drawing on her own experience, from Iyengar, the Bihar school of yoga and Yoga-Therapy traditions she offers classes that focus on alignment, personal enquiry, release and opening to what is there.



      She readily adapts the practice to the individual, so that everyone can benefit from the experience.



      This weekend retreat is suitable for complete beginners as well as regular Yoga practitioners. It is suitable for all ages.

      Marie is a firm believer that “Yoga is for everybody…. regardless of age or ability and that everybody is welcome at her classes”



      Each of Marie’s classes are well balanced, and there is a good variety of all forms of postures both gentle and invigorating.



      As usual on our Yoga Retreats, we have a guided outing on Saturday which will consist of either a hill climb or a walk by the sea.



      Followed by lunch at one of the local restaurants or cafes which is a great way to sample the best of the locale cuisine in the Burren.



      Some of the classes are restorative and involve some gentle releasing postures.



      We will also practice supported restorative postures that facilitate deep , yet gentle release, and renewal on many levels.



      These restorative yoga classes are great for ‘letting go’, and bring a deeply relaxed and nourishing feeling to all levels of our being.




      Marie also teaches Yoga Nidra which is an ancient practice which guides us into a very deep state of relaxation and the whole process is very powerful for relaxation and transformation on all levels.



      This weekend will be an opportunity to step out of the busy- ness of daily life in order to re connect with ourselves and Nurture Body, mind and spirit with Yoga postures, Pranayama and meditation.



      Marie ensures that each person finds a comfortable sitting posture, and uses various props to help find more comfort and ease with the practice.



      The meditation is introduced in a very easy way for compete beginners, and through practicing twice each day, each participant becomes more comfortable with the practice so that they can continue at home after the retreat.



      On Friday evening and Saturady evening Paddi who used to run Seventh Heaven restaurant for over 12 years, prepares a vegetarian feast and many people have said they have not eaten food as good as this at any restaurant.



      Paddi’s food has to be experienced to be believed 😉



      “Alignment is vital where there is injury or any musculoskeletal problems but also paying attention to alignment helps one to stay focused and brings one deeper into being within the present moment.”



      On this weekend Marie will also teach ‘breath focussed awareness’ meditation, and her teaching will be suitable for complete beginners as well as regular practitioners. If you have never practiced before, by the end of the weekend you will have a range of different practices that you can take home with you in order to continue with your own daily practice…. no matter be it 10 minutes each day.


      Marie explains how the body, muscles and joints work which enhances the practice, and leaves the student feeling energized and relaxed

      Josephine, Antrim

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