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    Hatha Yoga Teacher Bev Porrino

    Bev Porrino was introduced to meditation and energy work as a child by her mum who was a holistic practitioner.

    Although she was surrounded by this as a child, during her teenage years she moved away from these areas, and she followed her own interests before being drawn back to yoga and meditation in her 20’s.

    Bev grew up in North West England and later moved to The Netherlands in her 30’s. As Bev was growing up, she was attracted to the field of athletics and medicine and trained as a nurse. She practiced running and cycling and really enjoyed the physical release. Eventually she moved from Nursing to working with people in Social work.

    Her experience working with people in many different areas, gives her a great ability to listen to people and to empathise and she has a very kind caring nature. Her classes are inclusive to all, and everybody is made to feel welcome and at ease.

    During her 20’s, Bev began to feel the stress and pressure of working as a nurse, and she felt drawn towards yoga as a way to reduce stress and also to stretch and release tension in the body.

    When she started attending Hatha yoga classes, she noticed older people effortlessly practicing headstands, where she found she was struggling with easier postures and also with breathing. This made a big impression on Bev and she gradually began to practice more yoga over the years.

    Her first yoga teacher was very kind and knowledgeable and helped Bev to enter very peaceful and happy states of mind.

    Her practice of hatha yoga also helped her athletic pursuits, and she discovered that it helped her more and more, she began to study it more deeply over the years.

    As well as the Hatha yoga practice, Bev also had a meditative / reflective practice since the 90’s, and this has helped Bev to get to know her Self more deeply over the years.

    In 2001, Bev learned Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga traditionally and studied directly with Brian Cooper who had lived in India, and ran a Buddhist Centre with his wife in Scotland.

    Over the years her daily practice developed and her practice of yoga and meditation helped her manage her stress and workload from the Social work.

    Bev feels that the practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation nourish the Mind, Body and Prana and helps to bring together all levels of one’s being.

    As well as formally studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Bev has also studied and practiced more modern commercial styles such as Sadie Nardini’s Core Vinyasa yoga and vinyasa flow but her teaching always comes back to the basics of her early years and the traditional practices.

    The breath is very important to Bev and she explains that ‘how we breathe’ affects the prana (inner energy). She teaches her students how to use the various parts of their lungs, and encourages this during the asana class.

    Bev has a wide range of experience of different yoga styles and brings in aspects of alignment, breath work, flowing postures, restorative postures and keeps her classes inclusive for everybody.

    She has an in-depth knowledge of the body and makes yoga accessible to all.

    She also teaches Yoga Nidra, which is an ancient practice of deep relaxation.

    Through her classes you will learn to connect to yourself on deeper levels, and from this ‘change’ can come about on a true authentic level.