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    Bio Cork Yoga Teacher Saraswati


    Saraswati first practiced Yoga as a child, when she was introduced to the practice by a family friend.   She was fortunate enough to attend classes at high school, and then practiced for many years on and off until she undertook the commitment to train as a teacher and deepen her study of Yoga and meditation in 2000.



    In her own practice Saraswati finds that Yoga and meditation is a constant daily journey of discovery and renewal.  She finds that Yoga  and meditation bring a sense of freedom to body and mind, connecting us back to the heart of who we are.



    She trained initially with Contemporary Yoga, Cork, and has completed trainings in Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Pre and Post natal Yoga and Womb Yoga for women’s well-being (Uma Dinsmore- Tuli).



    From this foundation of classical Hatha Yoga, rooted in the Sivananda and Kripalu traditions, Saraswati went on to study and explore other styles of Yoga that inform her practice and her teaching.

    She is influenced and inspired by the teachings of Swami Satyananda, BKS Iyengar, teachers of Scaravelli Yoga and the tantric and structural Yoga of Mukunde Stiles, and the Tantric Yoga teachings of Chinnamasta Stiles.



    She has studied with Internationally renowned  teachers Diane Long, Sophy Hoare,  Donna Farhi, Uma Dinsmore- Tuli and has a strong connection to the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and has practiced and studied with teachers in this lineage.



    Saraswati has also studied Iyengar Yoga, Scaravelli Yoga and other movement practices such as Feldenkrais, Somatic movement, Qi Gong and dance. She is trained to teach Pre and Post natal yoga and continually keeps her training updated and has also completed a teaching Yoga Nidra course with Yoga Campus in 2012.



    Saraswati has been teaching yoga for over 17 years, and her classes are energizing and yet suitable for all levels of experience.

    She holds regular classes, workshops , retreats and women’s gatherings.

    She fuses Yoga with her love for Oriental dance, creating Devi Dance – a movement practice that honors feminine energy and the energy body with dance, Yoga, breath, mudra and sound.

    Saraswati is a long term student of Danza Duende- an international network of teachers, artists and practitioners dedicated to ‘dancing life” and the open hearted expression of ourselves in our basic goodness as human beings.



    Saraswati has taught children from as young as 6 years old, and adults up to 76 years old.



    Saraswati also teaches pregnant women, mums with small babies and people with special needs.


    She is the director of the Yoga Mandala Project- a growing global community of teachers that are committed to offering Yoga as seva in refugee communities.

    Saraswati teaches a regular Restorative Yoga class, and loves to offer this wonderful practice.  She regularly teaches for her local health service.



    Saraswati is also a student of Danza duende, an international training network of teachers and students commited to ‘dancing life!”   This training is strongly connected with the teachings of Tibetan buddhism and the practice of meditation is an integral part of it.



    Saraswati leads regular Yoga workshop days in west Cork, and co- facilitates womens gatherings in Cork and west Cork. She worked as a doula for many years, supporting women through birth, and is  married with three grown up children.

    Her teaching style is light hearted and open, offering freedom within the form through breath and delight in movement. She infuses Asana and Vinyasa practice with tantric teachings, mantra, mudra and devotional awareness.