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    Fitness Yoga Claudia Gutierrez

    Claudia Gutierrez is a very welcoming yoga teacher and you will feel instantly at ease when you meet her.

    The first thing you will notice about Claudia is her soft accepting happy vibe, as she makes you feel at home right away, cared for and accepted for who you are.

    Her voice is soft and soothing and makes each person feel at home in her presence.

    Claudia has over 19 years experience as a yoga teacher and prior to that a further 12 years as a Fitness Instructor and P.E. teacher.

    As a former Gymnast she represented Argentina in 1983 and was awarded First Place in the National Championship the same year.

    With an Honors Bachelor Degree in Sport Sciences and Physical Education (1988) she has been working as a Fitness instructor for 31 years and a Yoga Instructor for 19 years in Argentina, Italy and Spain with great success.

    For many years she was Gymnastics Coach and Gymnastics Judge (beside her P. E. Teacher work in Schools and as yoga and fitness instructor) and has a great ability to encourage each person to do their best, while also enjoying themselves and not pushing too hard.

    Claudia has a very special quality of being able to make each person feel completely comfortable in her presence, and will guide you skillfully with acceptance no matter what you level of fitness or what your age is.

    She has passion to continually update her own studying and training. During her career she attended numerous workshops and training courses (Including Yoga teaching training in Argentina in 1995 and Ireland in 2010).

    She is also is Qualified Special Needs Assistant.

    In her classes you can expect to feel comfortable and welcomed. It does not matter whether you yourself think you may be stiff or too unfit, or whether you have never tried before. Claudia will adapt the yoga poses and help you to make peace with yourself and your body and feel ok just being you!

    From that starting point of acceptance of your present state of fitness, flexibility, strength and relaxation, you will be able to grow week by week as you continue the practices you learn while you are here over the weekend.

    Some of Claudia’s classes are quite challenging Vinyasa flow yoga classes. But she makes these classes accessible for all ages and all levels of fitness.

    Claudia includes mindfulness, lightness and deep awareness in grounding and connection in her classes – as well as joy and humour 😉

    Claudia will also teach pranayama (breathing techniques) which will help calm the mind and bring your awareness inwards.

    The breath is the key to quietening the mind, and one of the most important things in any yoga class.

    Claudia will guide you so that you understand the technique and then enjoy the benefits and bringing your awareness into the present moment.

    Traditionally in yoga, the physical postures were only a preparation to remove energy blocks from the body, and to help the energy flow in an unrestricted way through the inner channels, thus preparing oneself for entering into meditative states of being.

    There will be 3 meditation classes during the weekend to teach these techniques to complete beginners, and to give you time to experience the practices, so that you can continue at home after the retreat.

    And some of Claudia’s classes are restorative yoga, where she will guide you into a more gentle posture which will allow letting go on all levels.

    Claudia uses a variety of props such as bolsters, belts, blocks and yoga-chairs so that one can let go deeper into the restorative yoga postures.

    With Claudia’s many years of experience, combined with her soft relaxing voice and and radiating acceptance, you will receive the best instruction and feel accepted and cared for on all levels.