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    Bio Yoga Teacher Anusara Immersion Frank Brooks


    Frank Brooks is from Dublin and has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2006.


    Frank discovered Anusara Yoga in 2002 while living in Florida. He was immediately taken with the beautiful themes and ideas expressed in Anusara classes, but most of all he just loved how amazing he felt after taking these classes.


    He feels very blessed to have had some amazing Anusara teachers during this period in Florida, most notably Betsey Downing and Jaye Martin.


    Frank connects openly and on a heart level with everyone that he teaches, and he is truly sensitive and caring. He spent over 10 years in the US, and now lives in Dublin with his wife Amy and three fantastic children, and is constantly inspired with a love of and dedication to Anusara Yoga.



    Previously Frank also practiced Ashtanga yoga with David Collins in Dublin for 3 years, and has a huge amount of love and respect both for David and for the practice that he teaches.



    Anusara Immersion Retreat

    Frank style of teaching on our anusara immersion retreats is to introduce and take people deeper in the poses in stages.


    So the first stage of a posture will be easier and more accessible to everybody, regardless of age or fitness levels.


    If Frank feels that any stage is too strong for someone in the class, he will encourage them to remain at the previous stage of the posture, and to work at their own level.

    And for those who are more able for a stronger stage of the posture, Frank will give them clear guidelines to take them deeper.



    Anusara Yoga retreat

    We have weekend and also week long  anusara yoga retreats.  These anusara yoga retreats are suitable for all levels from complete beginners to regular practitioners.

    Our anusara yoga retreats are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

    Frank believes that “Yoga is a journey of awakening. We all have moments of clarity, of lucidity, where everything feels right or makes sense. We could think of these as moments of awakening. Yoga is about learning to trigger more frequently and for longer periods of time into the fullness of our being.


    Yoga is about learning to live from our heart rather than our head: learning to recognize the beauty that surrounds us and supports us, learning to see that at the most fundamental level, there is a oneness that connects all of us.



    Yoga is about aligning physically to allow for a greater degree of freedom in our bodies, freeing up energy that is stuck and blocks us, so that we may have a deeper experience of our true nature.



    Yoga is about a fundamental recognition that we are all deeply connected. ”



    Frank encourages people to find the stage that most suits them, give guidelines on how to tell if they are ready for the next stage or if they should stay where they are, and encourage them to look into their heart and be content with wherever they are.



    He always tries to accommodate people who are more physically challenged, and will offer more advanced variations for those who are able for it.



    Franks classes tend to be upbeat, and he keeps them fun and light-hearted, and always tries to connect people in to their heart and get them out of their head. He is careful in producing sequences of postures, so that the class and the individuals experience flows and lifts their heart.



    Very often people who have taken a class with Frank will say “wow that was different” – in a good way 🙂