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    Bio Yoga Teacher Lisa Petersen

    Lisa Petersen first came across yoga when she spent 2.5 years in India in 2000.   Lisa was ‘captured by the Ease, Grace and Peace’ and yoga has become a central part of her life since then.

    During her time in India Lisa also began vipassana meditation and naturally began practicing yoga and meditation on her own right from the start as she had plenty of time in India and felt naturally drawn to the practices.

    “I have never felt freer than I felt in India. For the first time in a decade, I stopped, I watched people at chai stalls for hours at end, I wrote, I took time to hear strangers’ stories, I played with children in the street. I saw the sunset every evening. Little by little, I reclaimed myself. ”



    Prior to her time in India, Lisa studied Communications and has a natural gift of communicating and inspiring others in her own way with a warm sense of humor.

    Nowadays Lisa is involved teaching yoga and also training yoga teacher’s to deepen their own practice and to also deepen their own yoga teaching.

    “I appreciate Lisa´s style of teaching very much, I found her as a kind, very attentive and authentic teacher who displayed a great sense of humour. Her warm calming voice and clear instructions made it easy to join into the awareness of the body when the eyes were closed in inquiries. ”

    ~ Sandra Dietinger, Austria

    Lisa is also a Somatic Movement Educator.    Somatics is a mind body approach to improve our health and well-being naturally.

    Through the use of easy, relaxing, gentle movements, somatic exercises teach you to use your brain to change your muscles.  Tight, restrictive muscles simply let go.




    Somatics brings about more mobility, natural balance and pain free use of the muscles, ‘so you can move freely, easily and without restriction again in your body.

    During her time in India, Lisa met Donna Farhi with whom she developed a very deep connection and has been inspired by Donna’s teaching.

    The first time I heard Donna teaching it was as if a light went on in every single cell of my body.  Finding a teacher that you resonate with is a crucial part of the journey.



    Through the years Lisa has trained with Donna and more recently has become a senior teacher working alongside Donna on a teacher training course for 2 months in New Zealand.

    I am passionate about finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom.



    Although Lisa is involved in training yoga teachers she is also very experienced in teaching complete beginners to yoga, and is able to offer everybody practices that are suitable to their own level, in way that makes it both enjoyable and inspiring.



    “Lisa has a way of not just teaching and sharing her knowledge, but totally embodying the principles she teaches. It is clear she has a deep intellectual understanding of what she is teaching, but the beauty is that she can share that knowledge in many different ways, making it accessible to everyone. ”

    Anna Jakes, NZ

    Lisa’s teaching has the depth that can inspire any very experienced yoga practitioner, and the clarity and accessibility to make the teachings suitable for complete beginners.

    Her classes are humorous, relaxed and personable with careful attention to alignment and safety.