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    Mindfulness and Vinyasa Yoga teacher Dani Sheil


    Dani Sheil has been practicing Yoga since 1999 and started her Yoga practices under tutelage of Sri Dharma Mittra, working as a Karma Yogi while attending his classes & workshops.



    Dani completed her yoga teacher training 200RYT in August 2002 from Atmananda Yoga centre in Soho. After which time she taught all around New York & stayed on to teach at Atmananda.



    In 2004 Dani returned to Ireland  with her new family and continued teaching yoga in Cork. Dani comleted another yoga teacher training and received her diploma for teaching yoga to Kids from the Devon Natural Healthcare College.



    That same year she opened her own Studio called The Yoga Stop in Douglas, teaching Children, Teenage & adults classes.



    Following a family move to Dublin, Dani now teaches in various studios in Dublin; Teenage Yoga  & Vinyasa flow being her primary classes.



    In 2013 she completed  another Yoga teacher training 300hrs  & is now qualified at the 500hr RYT. Level.



    Dani believes yoga is about healing & helping  the body, spirit & mind to reach their true potential. Through yoga she is able to surrender the stresses of life & move to a place of wellbeing.  Yoga is about self-acceptance in perfect balance with discipline.



    She greatly values all 8 ways of Ashtanga Yoga, the true Path, weaving as much of them as she can into her classes in a practical manner.



    Her classes can be challenging and strong  but she values the importance of self care , so offers a variety of alternatives to suit the beginners & those less experienced. She loves poetry & music and always introduces these  into her classes to offer some inspiration.



    Dani practices and teaches  Mindfulness mediation.   She finds that Mindfulness meditation keeps one grounded and in the present moment & preventing the everyday stresses from taking over.



    Dani also practices breath focused meditation and also loves chanting and includes this in some of her classes.



    Her personal practice of Prananyama is an incrediable powerful tool that she tailors to suits her energy. During a class Dani reads the energy of the room & then chooses the practice to suit that of the sudents. Making Pranyama more accessible to all students, she fundementally believes it to be a powerful form of clearing & curing the body & mind while energising or appeasing the spirit.

    Dani is  blessed to be a life long student of Yoga, continusly taking workshops & intesives. She feels incredibly fortunate to have the instrument of yoga to help her on her own journey and blessed to be able to share it with so many. She receives incredible inspiration from the relaxed, content faces of her students after Shavasana.