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    Marie Quail Yoga Teacher

    Marie Quail is a well know name within the yoga community and has been practicing yoga since the 70’s.

    Marie is a native of Northern Ireland and has been running yoga teacher training courses since 1995 until 2007 when she then let go of the training in order to take more time for her own practice and also to do some guest teaching.

    Through her yoga training courses she has extended her knowledge and experience through constant further training and working with other yoga bodies such as

    • The Bihar School
    • The Iyengar school
    • The Yoga Biomedical trust
    • The Ruth White Yoga Centre London
    • The Sydney Yoga Centre Australia

    When Marie began practicing yoga she felt as if she was meeting an old friend, and right from the start began practicing yoga following Richard Hittleman and Lyn Marshal daily on TV.

    It took many years of practice in order for Marie to discover that through her practice of the physical postures with attention paid to detail, that through breath awareness gradually transformed over the years to become Mindfulness.

    And further practice over more years deepened to become simply ‘Awareness’ and through deeper glimpses of consciousness became a desire to ‘just sit and be’.

    Thus it took many years for Marie’s own practice to develop and deepen from physical practice of Hatha yoga to encompass the more subtle areas of pranayama and meditation.

    For this reason Marie still places a lot of emphasis on ‘detail’ of the physical practice, as she realizes through her own experience that many people are more ready for focusing on the detail of the physical asanas, and that the development of more subtle inner awareness comes at different time for different people.

    Well respected Northern Ireland yoga teacher

    Marie is a very mature yoga practitioner and teacher, and brings breath awareness and the focussing of attention into one’s physical practice so that each person works at their own level.

    Marie uses breath awareness of softening into the physical posture. She has a lot of experience of teaching people with injuries or physical problems.

    “Alignment is vital where there is injury or any musculoskeletal problems but also paying attention to alignment helps one to stay focused and brings one deeper into being within the present moment.”

    Marie utilises demonstrations and observation of teaching tips into her classes, and also teaches vinyasa (movement of postures coordinated with the breath) when she feels it is appropriate.

    Although Marie teaches a lot of detail within each of the posture, she is working from a place where the real focus is not the actual posture, but rather the journey that ensues as a result of focussing on the posture…. and the breath… and the awareness.

    Marie is a firm believer that “Yoga is for everybody…. regardless of age or ability and that everybody is welcome at her classes”

    In some of her classes Marie includes Yoga Nidra which is a form of deep relaxation where the practitioner sinks deeper and deeper into state of relaxation, and ultimately begins to loosen and release inner tensions which can be very deep in the unconscious mind, and even from the energetic levels of one’s being.

    On this weekend Marie will also teach ‘breath focussed awareness’ meditation, and her teaching will be suitable for complete beginners as well as regular practitioners. If you have never practiced before, by the end of the weekend you will have a range of different practices that you can take home with you in order to continue with your own daily practice…. no matter be it 10 minutes each day.