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    Yoga & Core Strengthening Instructor Bio Rachel Beare


    Rachel Beare is from Lismore in County Waterford and has practiced many forms of yoga over the years.



    Rachel has a good balance between physical asana and also pranayama and meditation.


    ” Too much emphasis on just the physical is an unbalanced approach to life. Yoga is about connecting and integrating the mind and body – the tangible and intangible so we can gain a deeper awareness and ultimately reach our fullest potential.”



    Rachel came across yoga in Limerick in 2000 and attended yoga classes with Margaret Kenny for 3 years.  After 3 years of practicing, Margaret recommended Rachel to travel to her own teachers in Crete.



    In 2003 Rachel moved to Crete and took a job of manager at the yoga centre in return for accommodation, food and most importantly Ashtanga Yogasana and teacher training apprenticeship classes.  She worked in the yoga centre Yoga Plus under the guidance of Radha for 2 years.



    In 2005, under Radha’s suggestion and after she had sent a letter of recommendation to Guruji (pattabhi Jois) Rachel moved to Mysore, India to study Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with him.



    After a few months, she also began studying with his grandson, Sharath Rangaswami.

    During her year long stay in Mysore, India she also attended daily sanskrit, Yoga sutrani and meditation classes with professor M. A. Jayashree in her home.

    And also  attended twice weekly philosophy classes with Acharya Jois. (author of Yogabhumika)

    Rachel also attended Restorative yoga classes and uses these as a balance to her more Vinyasa flow classes.



    Rachel also completed a 6 month course of applied anatomy and physiology classes with Ken Jamitus.

    On her return to Ireland in 2006, she began teaching in Lismore and also enrolled in a year long Yoga Alliance teacher training course up in Dublin in ‘The Elbowroom’ headed by Veronica Larsson and Debbie Corradino and emerged, the only student with a distinction.
    While still teaching classes and workshops at home she continued to study and completed a 2 year Iyengar Yoga and Yoga therapy course with Laurence O’Toole in Cork, again gaining a distinction.

    Rachel teaches a range of different classes including flowing Vinyasa yoga, more gentle Restorative yoga, and also classical Iyengar style giving people more depth and alignment to each of the postures.



    Rachel has been teaching for the past 12 years, and practicing for the past 17 years as well as running her asana, philosophy and meditation courses at The Yoga House just outside Tallow in County Waterford.


    Her teaching style is inspired by her beloved teachers, with whom she still keeps in touch.


    “My training is diverse…. ranging from mindful meditation and pranayama to explosive and challenging Mysore asana series.”



    “The sessions I instruct are carefully thought out and sequenced so as to give my students optimal clarity and understanding on the inward journey of Yoga.”

    “I challenge my students physically where appropriate, and it is often said of my classes that they are ‘hard work’ but my teachings always come from a place of love and compassion.

    I will never forget what it’s like to be a beginner… I’m still a beginner! “