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    Bio Yoga Teacher Satyananda Yoga Ireland Tadhg Ferriter


    Tadhg Ferriter is in his mid forties, and practiced from many yoga styles before discovering Satyananda yoga in the mid 90’s.



    Like many students of yoga he was first attracted to the relaxing benefits the postures brought to the busy lifestyle and demanding career path he found himself on.



    Tadhg completed his training as a Satyananda teacher with Swami ShraddhaMurti and Swami ChetanMurti in Galway in the mid 1990’s.



    Since then he continues to study with great teachers in Ireland and abroad taking courses in Meditation, Yoga Therapy and Ashram Life in France, Wales, India and Greece and the resulting clarity he has achieved in his teaching shows in the way he understands and connects with his own students.



    Tadhg demonstrates the postures carefully, and gives instructions on the important aspects of the posture.



    And then takes care that everyone is practicing them at a level suitable for their body.



    There is no competition or comparison between people within Satyananda yoga, and Tadhg ensures that everyone is comfortable practicing to their own level.



    Some of the postures Tadhg teaches are reasonable gentle, while others are more challenging.



    Some postures are gentle and relaxing, while others are energizing and invigorating.



    Each class has a measured balance of postures, and also some classes include meditation or other specific practices for calming and taming the mind.

    Tadhg works carefully and sensitively on the teacher – student relationship, and the practice it nourishes.



    Balance practices are also useful for taming the mind.



    With three young children and a distinguished career in management Tadhg has direct experience of integrating a successful vibrant personal yoga practice into a busy modern lifestyle. Much of his work as a teacher aims to facilitate others to reap the benefits of doing the same in their own lives.


    Tadhg’s daily yoga practice, teaching and yogic lifestyle are guided by the principles of the Satyananda yoga system.



    Tadhg’s class exploring and improving core strength and hamstring flexibility using a variation of Supta-Pawanmuktasana

    Swami Satyananda describes yoga as “a higher form of common sense, a pure and precise science which evolves from within. To live yoga is to be in harmony with oneself.”

    Satyananda yoga includes meditation, Pranayama (breathing practices), mind focusing techniques, relaxation as well as the usual classical yoga postures.



    Many people nowadays practice physical yoga, but many are seeking out good meditation teachers to introduce meditation to them, and to help them explore the heart felt practice of yoga to a deeper level.

    Sitting together after asana practice – magical moments of total peace and tranquility in touch with your whole being, with only the sounds of the birds as a soft Burren back-drop.



    For the meditation is it important to find a comfortable position and Tadhg helps you find a posture and the suitable props (meditation stool, meditation cushion, blocks, blankets) which work best for your body.

    While asana (yoga postures) of appropriate strength for the each individual student are important for progressing, the use of Pranayma (work with the Breath) and meditation are also considered necessary to address the whole being from an early stage in the Satyananda system.

    Satyananda yoga teachers are trained to the highest standard, with regular in-service training and assessment.



    The teaching diploma is recognised by Yoga Federation Ireland (YFI), Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga) and the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). These qualifications are approved and recognised worldwide.

    Tadhg includes information exchange about Yoga and also the wider philosophy and teachings of Yoga. Some weekends this includes information about the Yamas and Niyamas…. other weekends may be about how to bring yoga from your Yoga mat intoi every minute of your normal daily life.



    There is also a lightness and a sense of fun to Tadhg’s approach giving us an example of working through difficult things in life with ease, gentleness, softness. Not a being a pushover to others, but not confronting others and life like a concrete wall. When a teacher has a sense of authentic (not pretend!) fun about them, everybody can feel this. It sets everyone at ease. When we’re at ease, it’s easier to go inside, to be inspired by our own selves.



    Tadhg specialises in the integration of yoga into everyday life and encourages students in an open and sensitive way to work with themselves as they are and in the situation they find themselves in.