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    Bio UK Yoga Teacher Kevin Taplin


    Kevin Taplin is from the UK and uses all aspects of yoga to help us let go of stress, learn mindfulness techniques to let go of thoughts and relax while also learning the usual yoga poses in an easing going enjoyable way.



    He brings mindfulness and awareness to all his teaching, and this helps bring one’s awareness into the present moment and to help let go of any cares or worries.


    Kevin began practicing yoga about 12 years ago when going through a stressful time in his life.



    When Kevin began practicing yoga and meditation, he found the results were amazing and as he became more conscious of the positive changes that yoga bought, he began to further his studies through attending workshops and retreats.



    Kevin completed his first yoga teacher training course with the British Wheel of Yoga and attended many UK yoga retreats, and also UK yoga workshops and UK yoga holidays over the years.

    He also undertook further yoga studies in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, and began teaching in 2007.



    In 2010, after a meeting with Michael Ryan (who is one of the team of the Burren Yoga teachers), Kevin commenced further yoga teacher training under Certified Anusara Teacher, Bridget Woods-Kramer, whose guidance and compassion he holds very dear to his heart.



    Kevin has also studied Yoga for Mental Health in the UK, with the Satyananda Yoga Organisation, and is a qualified Prison Yoga Teacher.

    In 2012, Kevin was invited to assist Oxford University in the UK, with a research project which looked into the positive effects that yoga and meditation can have within the prison environment.

    Working within this environment gave Kevin special insights into how to use yoga and meditation practices to help people to tune inwards and to learn how to let go and relax.  These practices are truly transformational and the trust and ease that builds up through Kevin’s teaching is truly liberating.



    Yoga Retreats UK

    It takes about 2 hours to get from any airport in the UK to the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre on the west coast of Ireland.

    Kevin will be teaching his next “Yoga and Mindfulness weekend retreat” November 1st – 3rd 2013

    Many people who have been to UK Yoga Retreats, have said that the special energies at Burren Yoga is what bring them back time and time again to our centre.

    By bringing mindfulness to our yoga practice and also to ordinary things in our daily lives, gradually one begins to train the mind and opens up to the peacefulness and joy within every moment.



    I strongly believe that yoga isn’t simply about posture work (asanas), but should also embrace pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and philosophy, to fully benefit the body and mind from this ancient practice.



    With a philosophy firmly established in ancient Indian non-dual tantra, the concepts and subtle depths of the Yoga Sutras are woven into each class, encouraging mindfulness and self reflection and bringing a deeper understanding of our purpose and place within the Universe.



    Classes are both fun and informative, as Kevin imparts knowledge as to why the various practices can bring positive transformations to your life.


    All classes are suitable for both absolute beginners or established yoga practitioners, as modifications and variations to postures are often employed to assist each individual to achieve their own optimal alignment.



    By encouraging playful exploration Kevin’s teaching reveals to students how by bringing mindful awareness to our yoga practice, we can access tools to let go of stress, help combat anxiety or depression, as well as many other chronic and physical conditions brought about through living a stressful western lifestyle.