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    Yoga teacher Niamh Daly

    Niamh Daly has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and has been teaching yoga for the past 15 years.

    Niamh first became attracted to yoga by the physical fun and challenge but before long she realized there was something much deeper as she experienced the release on many different levels. What fascinated Niamh about yoga was that it worked on a physical, mental and emotional level and she experienced the release of old tensions and trauma and found it effective on all levels.

    Over the years Niamh has also explored the areas of the Alexander Technique, 5 Rhythms Dance, Tantra, Somatic Movement, Anatomical Research and various styles of yoga, and uses her experience of all of these areas when teaching.

    Niamh’s initial formal yoga teacher training was with the Sivananda school of yoga in India in 2004. When Niamh returned to Ireland, she undertook further one-to-one yoga training and mentoring with Marlene Ffrench-Mullen as she found her classes very inspirational, nourishing, permissive and safe.

    Over the years Niamh has undertaken further yoga training with Donna Farhi, and Sarah Lo.

    Niamh has trained in Hatha Yoga, and studied and practiced many of the variations of Yoga from it’s more traditional roots in India, to new approaches and schools of yoga, and with world-renowned teachers.

    Niamh teaches from the heart and is very instinctive about how her classes unfold rather than rigidly sticking to any one school of yoga… or one set formulae of how to teach. Depending on who is in her class at any particular time, she senses what people need, and then intuitively teaches from the heart

    She teaches with compassion, helping people to let go of inner tensions, so that her students can find ways of moving more freely through life. This letting go happens on a physical, mental, emotional and also on even more subtle levels, so that at the end of her class one can feel more relaxed, peaceful but at the same time fully awake and bright with the joy of life.

    Niamh is very open in her teaching of yoga, and offers each student the opportunity to sense and experience their own way to approach their practice. She invites each person to be open to yoga as they experience it themselves… to take what feels right from the practice, and to let go of that which doesn’t sit well with them.

    Her classes vary from a range of styles including hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga Nidra, breath awareness and meditation. Some of her classes include sun salutation, the normal classical standing postures, seated postures, twists and lying poses. Other classes focus mainly on a Yin yoga practice or restorative yoga practices.

    Niamh loves Yin yoga and the ‘long moments’ that this style of yoga gives each person to simply ‘rest within the present moment’, where one is undistracted by endeavouring to complete a shape, and can experience ‘listening within’, and simply let go in the process of inner communication.

    Niamh loves that Yin yoga takes us away from the goal orientated tendencies to over-achieve or to push too hard, and instead to get more in touch to the ‘letting go’ and the softness of being in the present moment.

    To get in touch with ourselves or a deeper level and how we feel in the here and now… no matter how ordinary, how subtle, or how extraordinary. One important aspect of this practice and how we approach it is that we don’t know where we are going. We don’t have some pre-chosen posture or goal in our mind and try to follow that. It is much more a process of letting go, tuning inwards, and discovering what we find.

    This sense of opening oneself and letting go, and the sense of Discovery is an important aspect of Niamh’s classes.

    In all her classes, she encourages each person to tune in to themselves. To leave behind the rest of the day, and to get more in touch with the physical body. And then by using the breath to allow the person’s awareness to go inwards and to get in touch with more subtle layers of their being.

    Niamh then uses this inner awareness to subtly guide each person through the practice. She does this with a lightness and a sense of humour so that her classes are enjoyable as well as relaxing. She encourages each person to be compassionate with themselves, and not to force or strain or over-achieve, but instead to let go, tune inwards and to be guided by their own intuitive layers of their being.

    Niamh brings awareness of the breath throughout all of her classes, and helps each person to get in touch with their inner being, bringing them to spaces of peacefulness, inner tranquillity and joy.

    Niamh usually teaches meditation at the end of her physical yoga classes, where she has already helped each person to get more deeply in touch with their inner selves, and so that they are already in a more natural peaceful and meditative state.

    She teaches breath focused meditation which helps to steady one’s awareness, and if we become distracted by a whole train of thought, it is then easier to bring one’s mind back to the inner tranquillity by gently bringing one’s awareness back to the breath.

    Meditation has always been the cornerstone of yoga for many thousands of years, and the other practices such as the physical asana, pranayama, pratyahara (loosening the grip the senses have on our attention) are mainly a preparation for ourselves in order to go deeper with our meditation.

    Niamh’s classes are like a marriage of yoga postures, breath work, meditation, awareness, deep relaxation, letting go, tuning inwards rather than clearly defined and separate methods of practice. One flows into the other, and they all intertwine to help bring one deeper in touch with one self.

    Her classes are enjoyable, fun, explorative and supportive of each person finding their own way to continue their own exploration after her class is over.