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    Yoga Meditation teacher Bio Cathy Pearson

    Cathy Pearson began a daily morning meditation practice in 1991 and quickly experienced the benefits of improved peace of mind and increased understanding of oneself.



    Two years later Cathy set off to India on her quest to learn more about Yoga and to find some realized teachers to learn from.



    After about 10 years of practicing yoga, Cathy embarked upon her first yoga teacher training course with Yoga Arts in India as the course appeared to be very authentic and had serious entry requirements which is always a must for a genuine yoga teacher training course.



    Over the years she has spent the number of years living between Thailand, India & Ireland deepening her understanding of the incredible depths of yoga.


    Yoga Meditation Retreats

    She has studied various styles of yoga including Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga yoga & meditation and this varied experience gives her a great repertoire to choose from when teaching her students.



    Cathy has also trained in healing work, and is a certified Cellular Healing Therapist.



    Cathy has been blessed with the opportunity to practice with great teachers from around the world and continues her studies with Graeme & Leonie Northfield, Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold.



    This varied experience has lead her to express her understanding of yoga in a dynamic way and teaches it as a transformational process that explores the individuality of each person.




    Her Vinyasa Yoga classes emphasize a deep connection with the breath, clarity and stillness of the mind, strength, balance, a graceful flow of moving mediation with the exploration of consciousness.


    Cathy’s classes are dynamic and often energetic.   Vinyasa yoga  brings together all aspects of yoga. Asanas (or postures) are linked with Ujjiya breathing to create a gentle heat that helps to open the muscles and tissues of the body.



    The sound of the breath helps anchor the mind into the present moment and a moving mediation is created.


    Yoga Meditation retreats suitable for beginners to advanced

    Cathy’s yoga and meditation retreats are suitable for all levels from complete beginners to regular practitioners.  She is a very experienced teacher and gives each person the correct guidance for where you are at with their practice, and no comparisons are made between people.




    I offer many “modifications” in my classes; this basically means that one posture can be practiced in several different ways from total beginners to seasoned practitioners.

    Alignment guidelines are also taught and I like to regularly adjust the students so they can get a feeling for where the pose can take them and also to bring greater awareness to the body & mind.



    Cathy also introduced meditation to beginners and helps deepen the practice of those who already meditate.


    She describes meditation practice as the Art of Observer Consciousness and when we become more proficient at this practice,  we begin to “see” the workings of mind and then to let go the fluctuations to create calmness, clarity and quietude to “hear” the wisdom that is always speaking to us from within.



    Where the mind goes, energy goes, so we will focus on the heart and the center or “Hara” to develop a peaceful state of being.