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    Funding World Class Yoga Centre

    This information was updated April 2019

    Project description

    The project is to build a world class Burren Yoga Retreat Centre on the same grounds of the already successful Burren Yoga Retreat.


    Photo Montage of the new building.

    We have now been running the Burren Yoga Retreat very successfully for over 20 years.

    This new expansion will upgrade the centre to provide

    • En-suite bedrooms
    • Dedicated massage therapy rooms
    • A large yoga room with ceiling to floor windows and incredible views over the Burren hills
    • A large dining area with space to relax after dinner
    • A dedicated lounge where you can relax in silence

    Invitation to you to make a private investment

    Help us and yourself, by making an investment in Burren Yoga Retreat to build this new centre.

    How this works;

    • You lend us between €1,000 and €10,000 for 5 years
    • We give you 3% interest financially each year or 5% yearly in retreats
    • At end of 5 years, we return your investment money and also give you an option to invest for a further 5 years if you prefer

    Is your investment money safe?

    Dave Brocklebank will give his personal guarantee to you that he will repay your investment money no matter what the circumstances. This is not like investing in a Limited company which could possibly fold and walk away. This is a personal guarantee from Dave himself.

    What happens if you need your money back immediately before the 5 years?

    Dave Brocklebank will give his personal guarantee to pay you back your full investment money within 1 month of you requesting the money back. The only downside is that you won’t receive your 5% interest for that current year.

    Developments of this project over past number of years

    Many things have happened over the past few years around our plans for building the new state of the art Burren Yoga Retreat.

    We have been working on this project to build the new yoga centre for over 10 years, and during these years have faced many challenges including the recession and the effect it had on the banks providing finance for building, planning permission issues and much more.

    During this time, we have also listened to feedback from many people who have attended our retreats here over the years, and we hired a new architect to work on the design for the new yoga centre using the feedback from our guests, and between us all have come up with a much better design for the new building than we had previously.

    We received planning permission from Galway County Council for this new design in 2018. The main aspect of the new design is that the new centre will continue to use the existing main building that everybody knows and loves so much, and we will build a large extension consisting of a second building at the back of the existing centre joined by a short corridor.

    The new extension part will be quite large and have en-suite bedrooms, dedicated massage therapy rooms, and the new yoga room with ceiling to floor glass which will be upstairs with amazing views over the Burren hills. And the current yoga room will become the new dining room.

    The final missing link was that we received planning permission for our own house to be build out the back of the yoga centre last year.

    We plan to start building in September 2019, and are inviting friends of Burren Yoga Retreat to invest in our project to build this new state of the art Burren Yoga Retreat.

    2019 is the year this project materializes

    It is the culmination of 10 years work that Dave Brocklebank has put into his vision to build a new World Class Yoga Centre on the same grounds as the currently very successful Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

    We have now been running the Burren Yoga Retreat very successfully for over 20 years.

    Dave has already spent €90,000 of his own savings on this project to pay for architects and engineer’s fees, planning permission surveys, testing, and investigation to ensure the build is protective of the fragile Burren, fire cert fees and much more.

    He is also investing his life’s savings of €150,000 into this project.

    This is action based upon correct thinking, and also based on many years of work leading up to this stage of the project.

    Ethical Investment of your Finances

    Now we invite all members of the yoga community … and individuals interested in Socially Responsible Investment to come on-board this project.

    We invite you now to make your pledge to invest on the application form below, so that we can reduce the money we need to borrow from the banks.

    This project allows you to make a financial investment in an ethical project which provides yoga and meditation retreats all year round in The Burren on the west coast of Ireland.

    You gain by each yearly interest of 3% or 5% in retreats and by knowing you are helping us.

    We gain by being able to start building the new state of the art yoga centre.

    Everybody gains by having this beautiful yoga centre with en-suite bedrooms and all the other features.

    Let’s build this amazing centre together !

    Choice of Investment Return:

    You as an investor choose whether you prefer to receive either

    • 3% per annum financial interest
    • 5% per annum return of investment in the form of Burren Yoga Vouchers for our retreats
    • or whether you would be willing to provide your finances as an interest free loan

    How to pledge your investment:
    We ask you to pledge your investment, and select which of the ‘Investment Returns’ you would prefer,
    by filling in the form at Ethical Funding Burren Yoga building project

    We appreciate your support!

    Thank you for reading about our invitation for private investment in this very worthwhile project, and I hope that you continue to support us in our work to provide yoga and meditation retreats of the highest quality over the coming years.

    Like to help but can’t financially?

    If you can’t afford to make a financial investment, but still would like to help us with this ethical project,

    please read Other ways you can help the Burren Yoga Project

    More Information:

    If you would like any further information, or have any questions, please email or phone Dave at +353 (0)91 637680