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    Photos of the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre


    Kinvara is a very small picturesque seaside village which is 5 miles from the centre.




    One leaves Kinvara, and heads towards the Burren hills.


    There are very few if any houses and as one gets closer to the Burren hills even fewer still.


    The road leading up the the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre has hazel trees along the road and Cappaghmore mountain directly ahead of you.



    As one looks in the driveway, one is greeted by the standing stone which is a meeting of ancient Irish culture of a standing stone with a hole for the sun to shine through in order to tell the time of day… meeting with ancient Indian wisdom of a yogi in full lotus pose.



    The house name is “Lig do Scith” which is Gaelic for “Take a rest” or “Put your feet up”.

    There are other connotations with this greeting at the entrance, to leave behind your troubles, leave behind your worries and to rest your bones.



    As one comes into the grounds of the centre, one realizes that one is in a very special place and the feelings of peacefulness and tranquility are very apparent.

    As one comes further in the driveway the main building of the yoga centre emerges from behind the trees.



    When one comes in the front door, one is met by an aroma of Paddi’s delicious vegetarian cooking as she prepares the dinner for this week’s retreat participants.

    On the wall is a wall hanging and the lovely tranquil peaceful feeling is stronger as you can intuitively begin to relax and let go.



    The bigger of the shared rooms are in the main building and the view outside is of the stone dolmen and the Burren hills.



    The bunk beds are constructed so that they are completely independent and do not touch each other.  The upper bunk is suspended from the ceiling, while the lower bunk is  a timber framed divan bed.

    The beds have been hand carved and the woodwork is both unique and uplifting as one sees the hours of work and love that have gone into creating each of the hand carved pieces of furniture.



    The bathroom downstairs has a nice blue colour and plenty of hot water available all the time.



    The bath is nice and spacious and lovely to relax and unwind in after a great day filled full of activities.



    On the stairway, one is greeted by a beautiful jade marble Buddha and one can feel the melting deepen as one lets go another layer of the outside world.



    There is a nice small reading area stocked with books on yoga and meditation, the Burren wild flowers, and other areas of interest in the surrounding area.



    Throughout the centre there are other small pieces which have been brought back from India and help remind one that inner peace is brought about through one’s own daily practice of the very techniques you will learn here during your eco yoga retreat.



    The lounge upstairs has lovely views of the Burren hills.



    This lounge upstairs is a great place to just relax and hangout with the other guests on the retreat.



    The view from the lounge looks out onto the dolmen and stone circle, and the grey limestone rocky hill of Cappaghmore.

    Depending on how the light strikes the limestone, these hills in the Burren can sometimes have a purple hue.




    The upstairs bathroom is nice and bright as is the whole centre which huge windows to let in plenty of natural light and also passive solar heating.



    Downstairs in the main building is the kitchen which also has hand carved tables, shelves and work tops.



    Paddi (short for Patricia) used to run Seventh Heaven restaurant for over 12 years in Galway city and since then has been working full time at Burren Yoga for the past 12 years.



    Paddi prepares the dinner apparently effortlessly and seems undisturbed by anybody coming in or out or making cups of tea or coffee as she lovingly puts great energies into every aspect of the meal.



    The kitchen is a heart of wonderful smells and also of hearty eating, great conversations and plenty of laughter as people enjoy Paddi’s vegetarian feasts and also have fun with each other during our eco yoga retreats.

    The Sun and Moon symbol which represents the balancing of masculine and feminine energies, and the balancing of Ida and Pingala channel is lovely to see in the hand carved and polished piece of limestone behind Paddi’s cooker.

    This same sun and moon symbol is the logo of the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre, and the logo also has the sanskrit letter ‘hung’ which represents ‘Wisdom’ in the centre of the logo.  And it is wisdom that arises as the energies balance in Ida and Pingala and instead begin to rise up through sushumna nadi.



    Many people say they have never tasted food as good as Paddi’s in any vegetarian restaurant they have been to.

    Even quite adamant ‘non-vegetarians’ go home with Paddi’s recipes under their arm 😉



    Another nice Dancing Shiva brought back from Rishikesh.



    Outside the kitchen is the sunken patio area where we sometimes just chill out and chat.

    The Buddha Statue is a beautiful gift to the centre by Ciara and Michael of The yoga Room in Dublin.

    Shanti is our beautiful daughter brought to us by the Gods in 2011, and helps us live within the present moment and be grateful for all our blessings.



    Sometimes in the summer we eat our meals in the patio area and it is a nice place to just chat and enjoy the peacefulness of the centre.



    The yoga room has huge big windows and lets in plenty of light.  There is underfloor heating and a beautiful feeling of tranquility but also heightened energies as the centre has been blessed by a number of different Tibetan Lamas over the years.

    A number of experienced meditators has said over the years that they have had the clearest and most deep but also alert meditation practices in this yoga room.



    Each one of the team of hand-picked yoga and meditation teachers who teach the classes at Burren Yoga are the ‘creme de la creme’ of yoga teachers, and most of them have been teaching many years at Burren Yoga.



    We look forward to seeing you here soon on one of our eco yoga retreats.

    Best Wishes,



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