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    Listening to our inner self

    The babble of the mind

    Most of us spend much of our time ‘caught up with thoughts, emotions and reactions’ that are continually taking place within our awareness.

    Some of us also are prone to ‘racing thoughts’, preoccupations of the mind, restlessness of the mind, and quite a full, busy mind.   This is often referred to as the ‘babble of the mind’.

    Meditation helps us become aware of the babble

    Meditation practice carried out on a daily regular basis gradually calms down the mind and allows us to ‘disengage’ from the thoughts so that we are not carried away by them.

    We still ‘experience’ the thoughts… we still ‘feel’ the emotions… but they lose their ‘hold over us’.

    Over time, we identify less and less with the thoughts, and we begin to realize that we are the observer… rather than the thoughts themselves.

    Instead of being carried away by the thoughts and becoming too worked up by them, we are able to stand back and observe them…and this very act of ‘watching the thoughts’ removes the power of the thoughts to get us too worked up.

    This ‘cuts the circle’ of thoughts leading to more thoughts and building up the emotions… leading to more thoughts which are more and more charged with emotion which can lead us to becoming more stressed and more worked up.

    By simply watching the thoughts instead of being ‘carried away by them’, the same emotion does not arise.  The habitual thought patterns do not kick in.

    So the thoughts still arise.  We watch them.  And they pass away.

    Over time our awareness becomes more tranquil

    Over time, through this daily practice of watching the thoughts, this ability to ’watch the thoughts’ begins to happen during our daily life… during the day more and more.  Not just while we are sitting on our meditation cushion.

    And over time, our mind becomes more tranquil, less racing thoughts, and less stress, and less endless circular activity of thoughts/emotions/reactions/more-thoughts….. and one begins to become much more familiar and much more aware of the peaceful ‘gaps’ between the thoughts.

    As one becomes more familiar with resting within the gaps, one begins to experience more the peace and tranquillity that is within everyone of us.

    When the mind is quiet we become aware of our inner nature

    As this peace and tranquillity nurtures and grows, we become much more aware of more subtle thoughts and feelings which arise from deep within us.

    These subtle thoughts and feelings are so subtle, that when the normal babble of the mind is there, we are now aware of them.  It s only when we learn to quieten the babble that we being to get in touch with these subtle inner feelings which are much more in tune with our own inner nature than the surface babble that we are normally swamped with.

    As we become aware of these subtle inner feelings we begin to become more guided, or more in tune with our true inner self.  As this happens we become more balanced with our own inner nature and we become more peaceful, happy and fulfilled.  We become less ‘led by others’, less ‘led by the media’ and more aware of what is right for us.

    Sometimes these feelings are quite fleeting.  But if we are fortunate to notice them, or to allow our actions to be guided by them, we can often find ourselves doing that which is very fulfilling, or that which is ‘just right’ for ourselves at that moment.

    I am sure that everyone one of us has had such a feeling at some time in our lives.  When the logical thing would have been to follow some course of action….. the expected course of action… but something deep within us led us to do something else….. which in turn led us to a ‘magical outcome’.

    Did you ever have ‘that’ feeling?

    When something feels right… or you are drawn to something and you know that it just is meant to be.

    It is often those types of feelings people get when they meet someone special, or they find the house they were looking to buy.


     One circumstance of finding the land for Burren Yoga

    So what has all that got to do with finding the site for Burren Yoga?

    In 1996 when I began to search for a house to buy in order to live in the countryside, I ‘decided’ in my conscious mind to search within a 20 miles radius of Galway city as I envisaged having to work there in the future.

    After about 4 weeks of driving around every evening after work, and every weekend, I suddenly realized that I seemed to be spending most of my time searching around Kinvara and The Burren.  It was only then that I realized that something was ‘drawing me’ to search in this location.  So I intensified by search in that area.



    Another circumstance of finding the piece of land

    I eventually found a house about 5 miles outside Kinvara that appeared to meet everything that I had been looking for, and I made a bid on the house.  Each week one or two other bids came in, and there appeared to be 3 of us bidding for the same house.

    Although I was bidding on this house, I was still driving down back roads around Kinvara and The Burren after work each day.

    And someone may say “this was just keeping options open, and still looking around”…. And I would accept that, except I would also be open to the possibility that my higher self ‘knew’ that the house I was bidding on ‘was not the one’…and was somehow leading me to continue my search each evening and each weekend.

    I was not following any maps and decided to just follow my nose and take turn after turn, and explore ‘real back roads’ between Kinvara and the Burren hills.

    And one weekend I drove down a small back road towards the hill of Cappaghmore when I caught the sign for sale out of the corner of my eye as I was driving past.

    I reversed along the country road and parked my car outside the entrance to the site where I saw a guy doing some gardening work inside the entrance.  He greeted me as I walked in and I could tell from his accent that he was also originally from Dublin where I had grown up.

    He was living in a mobile home on the piece of land he had bought about 10 years previously.

    Through the conversation it turned out he had worked in a shop in Dublin that my mother used to regularly go to many years ago.  It also turned out that he had been meditating every day on the site for the previous ten years.

    There was a lovely ‘feeling’ about the piece of land which had a few hundred trees, had it’s own well for water and electricity.  It looked a little like a wild type of park just waiting to build a house in the middle of it.

    However as I was in the process of bidding on a house at this time, and as ‘I thought’ I was not looking for a ‘piece of land’ I decided to tell a friend of mine about the piece of land as he had been looking for such a site for some time now.

    When I told him about the land and the good price it was going for, he said he would come to Galway over the next couple of days to see the site and secure the sale if all went well.

    Two weeks later the house I was bidding on became too expensive, and I began to wonder could I build a house instead of buying one already built.

    And then the ideas began to come about building a yoga centre instead of simply a house for me to live in.

    I did some quick investigation of prices to build and all looked favourably, so I went back to the piece of land for sale, talked to the owner and we agreed the sale and transfer of deeds.


    Coincidence or is there more going on than we are aware of

    I believe that we are very fortunate when we get glimpses into the web of connections that is taken place all the time but most of which we are unaware of.

    Sometimes in life we ‘get that feeling’ and we know something is just meant to be.

    Or that things happened for  ‘a particular reason’.

    I would not be able to prove that the apparent coincidences that happened that led me to finding the available piece of land on which to found the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre were anything but apparent coincidences, nor would I spend the energy trying to convince anyone of this.

    So I just leave it up to each reader to consider that many things which happen in life are really taking place as a result of a much bigger picture than what we are aware of within our tiny conscious minds.