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    Meditation – How to

    Meditation – How to Meditate Sit with your spine upright, eyes closed, and preferably in a cross legged posture Keep your awareness on the breath flowing through the nostrils If thoughts come into the
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    How does this colour your Retreats

    >>How does this colour your Retreats? I only pick the best of yoga and meditation teachers and try to find teachers who are living the life of yoga, rather than just teaching yoga classes. We have bee
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    What is the reality of running a retreat centre?

    >>What is the reality of running a retreat centre? Impossible to describe 😉 Mountains and mountains of work. Swami Nishchalananda has described my own path as that of a karma yogi. Putting in huge amo
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    Can yoga play a role in mental health

    >>Can yoga play a role in mental health I believe that yoga and meditation are the most inspirational practices that I have ever come across. The full range of practices have a huge effect on one’s ph
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    How do you see yoga today

    >>How do you see yoga today? I think that some of today’s yoga classes have deteriorated into mainly fitness classes, or at least primarily a physical focus of the practice, without much reference or
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    Who or what are your yoga influences.

    >>Who/what are your yoga influences. As mentioned above, I have huge respect and gratitude towards Shraddhamurti and Chetanmurti who started me off with Satyananda yoga, honouring the age old traditio
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    Why is it important to practice yoga on your own at home

    >>You mentioned that it is important to ‘practice yoga on your own’. What do you mean by that? I believe that it is very important to go to yoga classes with a very experienced yoga teacher who has im
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    What has yoga got to do with meditation

    >>What has yoga got to do with meditation? Yoga is over 5,000 years old. 1,000 years ago there were only 6 yoga postures. And each of these was a crossed legged sitting posture. The implications of th
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    My yoga journey

    >>Describe your yoga journey. In 1978 at the ripe age of 19 one of my lecturers in college spoke about meditation, and I was fascinated. A few weeks later I signed up for a Transcendental Meditation c
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    Karma Yoga at Burren Yoga Centre

    Karma Yoga at Burren Yoga Centre For anybody who is completely new to Karma Yoga, this post explains some of the background where it comes from, and also some tips when experimenting with it for the f
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    What type of people come on your retreats?

    What type of people come on your retreats? People from all walks of life We have all types of people who come on our retreats. All ages all levels of fitness all walks of life from students to doctors
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    What Type of Yoga is best for me?

    What Type of Yoga is best for me? There are many different types of yoga, and these can range from very gentle meditative forms to yoga, to extremely strong dynamic and physically challenging forms of
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    Buddhist teachings

    Buddhist teachings   Who was Buddha? Buddha was a man who lived approx 500 BC in India and Nepal. After many years of following very difficult practices he came to the realization that Enlightenm
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    Difference between Pilates and Yoga

    Difference between Pilates and Yoga   What is Pilates? Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates as a system of exercise in the early 20th Century.    Through his experience in World War 1 many of t
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    Iyengar Yoga

    Iyengar Yoga   The Iyengar yoga method uses a precise and systematic approach to yoga, beginners start with simple asanas according to individual ability.   Progress is gradually made by add
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