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    Car pooling on our guided outings

    Car pooling on our Guided Outings Many of the beautiful places in the Burren where we go for our outdoor activities are between 10 minutes and 30 minutes drive from the centre. We minimise the impact
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    Buddhist teachings

    Buddhist teachings   Who was Buddha? Buddha was a man who lived approx 500 BC in India and Nepal. After many years of following very difficult practices he came to the realization that Enlightenm
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    New Years Resolution

    New Years Resolution With New Year approaching we have the opportunity to contemplate what really matters With the approach of the New Year of 2013, the coming weeks are an opportunity to reflect on w
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    Difference between Pilates and Yoga

    Difference between Pilates and Yoga   What is Pilates? Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates as a system of exercise in the early 20th Century.    Through his experience in World War 1 many of t
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    Spelt Fruit & Nut loaf

    Spelt Fruit & Nut loaf   Makes 1x 2lb / 900g loaf tin   Ingredients 450 g wholegrain spelt flour Pinch of salt 1 teasp Demerara sugar 2 teasp honey 1 teasp bread soda 1 egg 100 g raisins
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    Quorn & Vegetable Pie

    Quorn  & Vegetable Pie Enough for one lge. Plate , about 30 cm. Serves 6-8 people Ingredients 6 sheets filo pastry Olive oil 4 spring onions, chopped 300g quorn mince 2 lge. Tomatoes, chopped 2 me
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    Smoked Tofu Kebabs

    Smoked Tofu Kebabs Paddi’s tips These are also good cooked  on a B.B.Q.. They are nice served with  a peanut satay, couscous or rice & a tossed green salad. Allow 1 lge. Skewer or 2 small pe
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    Butternut Squash, Bean & Tomato Soup

    Butternut Squash, Bean & Tomato Soup Serves up to about 8 people   Paddi’s tips Use fresh herbs if possible, but if not use 1—2 teasp. each of dried. Garnish with a swirl of natural yog
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    Blueberry & Orange Muffins

    Blueberry & Orange Muffins Makes 12 muffins   Paddi’s tips These muffins are wheat, Gluten & dairy free. They are very light and tasty. I use Doves wheat & gluten-free flour, yo
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    Beetroot and Yogurt Salad

    Beetroot & Yogurt Salad Serves 6-8 people   Ingredients 3 med. Raw beetroot, grated 1 spring onion, finely chopped 200g low fat natural yogurt Recipe Toss the grated raw beetroot & spring
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    Summer 2014 Free Competition

    Winner of the Free Weekend at Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre   THE WINNER IS Christina Breen Congratulations Christina!!! You may use the voucher for €300 anytime before December 2015. Next fr
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    Burren Areas of Designation

    Burren Areas of Designation   Much of the Burren has been recognised as being of major conservation interest for many years, with designations such as ASI (Area of Scientific Interest) and more r
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    Refer a friend discount

    Refer a friend discount This special offer is open to anyone who has attended a residential course at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre. If you refer the centre to a friend of yours, and they stat
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    Help Fund world class yoga centre

    Other ways you can help the Burren Yoga Project To see how you could make a Private Financial Investment to help us build our new state of the art yoga retreat centre, please see Ethical Funding for n
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    Litter Cleanup day Free Vegetarian Feast

    Litter Cleanup day Free Vegetarian Feast   Join us on Litter Cleanup day Free Vegetarian Feast The local litter cleanup day is scheduled for Sunday 16th September. We will be removing litter and
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