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    Help on credit card details

    Do i enter my full 16 digits credit card number here ?

    The form is designed to only accept the first 12 digits.

    You will be sent an email after you submit your booking, and you reply to this email with the last 4 digits, and the 3 digit security code on the back of the card.

    Do i pay a deposit when i book ?
    No. You pay the full course fee on arrival at the centre.

    However, you agree to pay the cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your place on the course.

    Your cancellation fee increases as the date of the course approaches, and the deposit you are liable for depends on how late you cancel.

    You give credit card details at the time of booking.
    You fill in first 12 digits of your card number, and when contacted by the centre you supply the last 4 digits.

    Cancellation days Amount card debited
    More than 28 days 25% of course fee
    Between 28 & 14 days 50% of course fee
    Less than 14 days 75% of course fee
    Don’t turn up 100% of course fee

    Cancellation days are calculated as the number of days before the start date of the course on the day you cancel.

    The cancellation fee applies no matter how valid your reason for not attending the course.

    Cancellation Policy
    All cancellations by email or phone answering service only come into effect when the centre contacts you to acknowledge they have received your cancellation.

    Credit card & cheque charges
    Full course fee should be paid in cash on arrival at centre.

    If you wish to pay the full course fee by credit card when you arrive at the centre, there is a 10% charge to cover the bank fees, the administration work, and the delay in tranfer of funds.

    Cheque payments must be made out to full amount of course + 5% to cover administration costs.

    Only cheques made out to bank accounts in Rep. of Ireland, or Internation Bank Drafts accepted.

    I will be paying by Voucher
    “The booking form will not let me submit my booking even though i will be paying by Voucher which was presented to me recently. How should i proceed ?”

    If you have a valid voucher which is equal or more than the course fee, you may proceed by filling in 9999 9999 9999 for the credit card and select any expiry date. And also state in the comments box at the end of the booking form that you are paying by Voucher and what the expiry date of the voucher is, and the amount on the voucher.

    If you do not have a voucher to at least the cost of the course fee, or the voucher is out of date, then you need to supply your credit card details.

    Stay an extra night to avail of cheap flight
    Flights are often cheaper on Thursday or Monday. Please check with the centre if you wish to stay an extra night before or after your course. Costs is €30 per night. Depends on availability.

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