How do you see yoga today

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  • How do you see yoga today

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    >>How do you see yoga today?

    I think that some of today’s yoga classes have deteriorated into mainly fitness classes, or at least primarily a physical focus of the practice, without much reference or even mention that the physical postures are in fact a preparation for meditation.

    I think one cause of this are the short teacher training courses that are being ‘sold’ to people, and the motivation of many of the ‘trainers’ running these ‘training’ courses is financial rather than trying to produce the best possible quality of yoga teachers. Many of these trainings take place over a number of months, rather than over a number of years. And many of them don’t even have ‘pre-requisites’ that the person should have at least 4 years of practice before taking on a teacher training course. Some of them will let almost complete beginners sign up, and after a short 200 hours of teaching, give them a certificate to ‘teach yoga’.

    And as a result, if a newcomers happens to go to one of those ‘teachers’, they can’t experience a class being guided by someone who has experienced the transformative effects of yoga and meditation over many years.

    I think that it is fantastic that the amount of people practicing yoga these days is so much more than back in the 70’s, but one really has to look long and hard in order to find sincere genuine teachers who are practicing meditation each day, and who have put in many years immersing themselves in all the various limbs of yoga in order for them to feel their effects… and so that they can then instil a respect and an awareness of these practices into their own classes.

    I hope that the sheer numbers of people practicing yoga will help the more experienced teachers eventually become better known, and that in time a hunger for the genuine practices will ‘weed out’ the fitness classes, so that as time goes by it will become easier for a total newcomer to be able to tell the difference between the more traditional forms of yoga, and the more recent trend towards fitness type yoga.

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