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  • How does this colour your Retreats

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    >>How does this colour your Retreats?
    I only pick the best of yoga and meditation teachers and try to find teachers who are living the life of yoga, rather than just teaching yoga classes.

    We have been running these yoga retreats since 1999, and we have over 40 retreats each year, all year round.

    Some of the retreats are soft and gentle, while others are stronger and more physically challenging.

    A large emphasis is placed on empowering the retreat participants so that they feel they can practice ‘on their own’ at home after the retreat. To begin to try to practice between 10 and 15 minutes each day at home. Care is taken to support people to learn practices to do this, and to guide them so that they feel confident enough with a core set of practices.

    The other thing that colours the retreats at Burren Yoga, is that I believe that a lot of the stress that many people feel in their lives is a result of being dis-connected from Nature. It is only within the past 100 years that human beings have been herded into cities on a mass scale, and live artificial lives by the clock, facilitated by electric lighting, the media, pressures, fears, alienation from a natural world.

    I believe that immersing oneself in Nature is like food for the soul. And for that reason, having our daily guided outings into Nature is a very important part of our retreats.

    The Burren Geopark is a very magical place on the west coast of Ireland. If one has never been here it is impossible to imagine. It consists of an area about 30 miles long and 15 miles wide of spectacular shaped limestone hills which plunge down into the Atlantic ocean.

    There are a few villages within the Burren, but very few numbers of houses as it is a protected landscape.

    There is Burren limestone rock everywhere. The hills are made of it… it is beneath your feet… everywhere you see is Burren limestone rock.

    As a result there is very little farming other than a few small herds of cattle. No tractors ploughing fields… no farm machinery… and simply silence and tranquillity in this undisturbed landscape.

    The landscape has changed very little in thousands of years, and there is an ancient magical feeling about the place.

    The hills are easy to climb, and after about a 45 minute hill climb the views are spectacular over Galway bay, the Connemara hills in the distance, the Aran Islands… and the wild Atlantic.

    If one spent a week in the Burren and did not practice yoga and meditation, one would still feel very calm and relaxed.

    One way to get an idea is to look at some of the photos of our Guided Outings

    We start each day with yoga and meditation with a gifted teacher, followed by breakfast and guided walks into the hills and by the sea, optional activities such as surfing, kayaking, boat trips, swimming in the sea… and just hanging out with a small group of like-minded people is truly transformative. To spend each day with this group all hanging out with the yoga teacher, laughing and sharing each other’s stories has to be experienced in order to get an idea of it.

    And the amazing vegetarian food by Gearoid who used to work in a Hare Krishna restaurant in New York is fantastic.

    But why not check out the Tripadvisor independent reviews?

    We have won the Tripadvisor award of Excellence for the past 6 years in a row.

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