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    Draft Letter to send to your TD and local Councillors

    The wording below is simply ‘suggested wording’.

    Please be aware that TDs tend to ignore letters that are exact copies, so we are asking you to modify the letter to make it personal to you.

    It is possible that a TD who is not in power, may be more vocal to lobby on our behalf.

    During the recession Gyms had their VAT rate reduced in line with the hospitality sector, while yoga studios continued to pay 13.5% VAT as we did not lobby the Government to reduce our VAT rate at that time.

    As a result, many yoga studios went out of business during the recession.

    We want to ensure this does not happen now during the post Covid-19 re-opening of our country.

    We are hoping that as many of our students as possible, will each send a letter to their TD and try to support us in highlighting the need for Irish people to have access to their local yoga studios on an ongoing basis, and to help aid the health and mental wellbeing of us all.

    Suggested wording

    Please cut and paste the text below into your own document.

    This is only suggested wording for a letter, we ask you to send to your local TDs and Councilors requesting that they reduce VAT for yoga studios in Ireland.

    Please feel free to remove any sentences/paragraphs and to insert your own thoughts and suggestions.

    You may wish to add important aspects such as:
    Yoga is essential for mental health, stress reduction as well as managing conditions such as anxiety and sleep disorders.

    Start of Letter

    Yoga Students’s name
    Yoga Studios where I attend classes
    Address of Studio
    Email and Phone number
    Electoral District


    Dear Name of TD

    I am writing to you to support the call of the Association of Irish Yoga Studios to ask you to reduce the rate of VAT for yoga studios so that many of them will be able to re-open their doors and stay in business so that we can have our yoga classes to go to.

    I am aware that yoga studios are being charged 13.5% VAT rate. During the recession when Gyms were aligned with the hospitality sector their VAT was reduced to 9%.

    However as yoga studios did not organize themselves during the recession, their VAT rate remained at 13.5% and this caused a number of them to close their doors during the recession.

    Many of my friends and family attend yoga classes in their own area and the benefits we get from these classes range from improved health and wellbeing, reduced stress levels, improved emotional wellness, improved quality of sleep as well as other health and fitness benefits.

    The people of Ireland need to have you to lobby the Government to reduce the VAT rate to allow many of these yoga studios to reopen.

    In line with the call from the Association of Irish Yoga Studios requesting they be aligned within the hospitality section, I want to let you know that my own health and wellbeing will be seriously impacted unless I have our local yoga studio to go to.

    A reduction in VAT for yoga studios would go towards enabling many of these studios to reopen and provide stress relief and other benefits to the Irish population in these challenging times.

    I am happy to discuss this request further at a time convenient to you either by Zoom or telephone call.

    Thank you in advance for your time in considering this request.

    Yours sincerely,

    Yoga Students’s name

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