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  • Authentic Yoga Retreats

    in Paradise Burren Geopark

    Kinvara, Co. Galway
    on West coast of Ireland

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    IST is a non profit charitable organisation. We conduct regular meditation retreats on monthly basis for all level of meditators. We also hold weekend meditation retreats led by Theravada monastic Sangha community. Dhamma books and CDs are available for f

    Rinpoche, Buddhist centre in Cavan website

    Kagyu Samye Dzong Dublin is Ireland's longest-established Buddhist Centre. It offers a regular weekly programme of meditations as well as talks, courses and non-residential retreats from many eminent Buddhist lamas, monks, nuns and lay teachers.

    Lama Surya Das, a highly-trained Lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition brings Buddhism to the West with his teachings of Natural Great Perfection.