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    Online Yoga Instruction

    This page contains links to websites which have yoga instruction or yoga classes available online for you to listen to or to download. Some of the websites will contain yoga audio, and some may contain yoga videos.

    Nowadays many people live busy lives and find it difficult to attend a local yoga class, and others may not be lucky enough to have a good local yoga class available to them.

    Some yoga on-line websites offer an alternative to atending a yoga class. Some offer yoga audio /downloads, yoga podcasts, or even streaming yoga movies.

    However, there is no real substitute to practicing yoga with a real live teacher who can see what you are doing, hear how you are breathing, see your reactions and your personality character, and pick up energy or impresions from you, that will help them guide you towards practices which can benefit you most at this particular time in your life.

    Having said that, hopefully some people will find value and tips from these websites to either insipre their practice, or to motivate them to seek quality yoga teacher.