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    Schools and Styles of Yoga

    Links to schools and styles of yoga websites.

    There are many schools and styles of yoga nowadays.

    Most of the yoga taught in the western world emphasises the asanas or physical postures, while not placing much importance on regular pranayama, dharana or dyana, or meditation.

    Many of these schools or styles have developed from the Krishnacharya lineage which led to ashtanga vinyasa yoga and iyengar yoga. And later led to power yoga and vinyasa flow.

    Unfortunately the corner stone of yoga which is meditation, has been ommitted by many of these schools.

    If you are looking for a more traditional school of yoga, then the school that i have found that teaches yoga in it’s fullest potential is Satyananda yoga, also know as the Bihar school of yoga.

    You can read more information about the different aspects of yoga at

    This page will contain links to various schools of yoga. Many websites foucs on one particular school or style of yoga, and you may find that one particualr style draws you more than the rest.

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