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    Overseas Investment

    If you are interested in making an Ethical Investment in our Expansion of the Burren Yoga Retreat project, this page explains the best way to minimise transfer fees on your investment.

    For transferring money from the US, the best company with the cheapest charges are Transferwise

    They do charge a fee, but it is less than the banks and we have heard that the process is much easier.

    They charge approx €10 to transfer €1000. And about €50 to transfer €10,000

    For overseas investors, we allow your interest to accrue over 5 years, and then pay you back your investment sum and also your 5 years of interest in one single payment at the end of the 5 years.

    The investor pays the transfer fee at the time they are investing (approx €10 if investing €1000) and then the money accrues over 5 years.

    I pay the transfer fee when paying back the interest after 5 years and also the invested sum being returned.

    If you would like any further information, please contact me by Email: Yoga Ireland Retreats