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    Guidelines for Hiring the Centre

    Overview of Hiring the Centre

    In order for the centre to run smoothly and in keeping with the ethos of the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre its important that the organiser(s) go through the general guidelines given to their course participants (referred to as students) and also this present document and fully understand and agree to following the guidelines and reminding their students of these guidelines as the course progresses.

    It’s often a new environment for students, so they need to be reminded for example of turning off lights when they leave a room, or not to leave the velux windows open when they leave a room (as it lets in rain) or not wearing shoes inside the buildings.

    It’s essential that the course organisers are seen as ‘running the centre’ and not just teaching in the classes.

    The following guidelines are important.

    1. You should read out the general guidelines to your students at your welcome/orientation meeting.
    2. Ensure all students are comfortable with these guidelines or at least understand them.
    3. We don’t use incense in the yoga room as it can linger for a long time and affect the pranayama practice of those with sensitive throats. We also don’t use it in the bedrooms and only occasionally in the hallway or on the landing of the stairs. If you need scent in the yoga room, it is ok to use an oil burner with water base.
    4. Please be vigilant to prevent risk of fire. No candles or incense or any naked flame to be burned anywhere, except candles at dinner. These should be put out after dinner. All reading lights over beds to be turned off when they leave the room. Please ensure these instructions are being carried out.
    5. No food to be taken into the yoga room. No cups or glasses to be taken in either. It is ok to bring in plastic bottles for water.
    6. Students are asked to look after caring for the centre where they should use duvet covers provided for the duvets, sheets on mattresses and pillow cases on all pillows used.
    7. There is a system of karma yoga that works in the centre where your students do the washing up after meals and ensuring the kitchen is left clean and tidy after each meal. There is a bin system in the kitchen, separate bins for raw food for compost compost, paper burnables and plastics. Information sheets above this on Noticeboard in kitchen.
    8. You are responsible for security at the centre while you have hired it, in that if you head out on walks in the Burren that before you go, you check all doors and windows closed, and all doors locked. You will have the combination lock to get back in.
    9. You should be proactive in ensuring these systems run smoothly and people are using them.
    10. You should be the last person to leave the centre on your last day, to ensure the kitchen is clean and the rest of the centre is left in the same clean condition as when you arrived.
    11. There is no alcohol or unprescribed drugs to be taken in the centre.
    12. If you have your own website which describes/advertises the course, you should have a pointer on your website to the Burren Yoga website. It should be very clear to your students how to book, they should be pointed to a copy of the guidelines of the centre at Guidelines at the centre
    13. Your students should all be told to read the information on Burren Yoga website in the section “Getting to the centre”. This is very clear about airports, reduced fare taxi from airports and train, public transport and information about not going to Kinvara by public transport, and directions to find the centre by car.
    14. You are advised to have the centre look after people booking onto your course, as this ensures they supply credit card details to ensure they pay a cancellation fee if they don’t turn up. Or need to cancel. It also encourages the students to pay in cash on arrival. This booking system is tried and tested and works very easily for those booking onto the course and also the course organisers.
    15. Please pay pay the centre charges in cash (Euros).

    Maximum number of people you may have at the centre

    The centre can hold 16 people for eating. So if you have 1 teacher, you may have a maximum of 15 other people staying at the centre.

    Similarly if you have 2 teachers, a maximum of 14 students, 3 teachers, 13 students.

    Procedure to reserve dates for your workshop and payments

    There is a €200 non refundable deposit to reserve dates for your workshop.

    After this has been paid, you may send information to the centre about your course to be included on the Burren Yoga website.

    There is a further €200 non refundable deposit to be paid 28 days before your course start date.

    1 week before the course you should tell us the number of people who will be here for meals and the total cost for your food will be calculated.

    If a couple of extra people book onto your course during the last 7 days, that is ok, but please let us know as soon as possible.

    If a few people don’t turn up on your course, or cancel during the last 7 days, you will still be charged the price for the food calculated on the numbers you gave us.

    The remaining fee to hire the centre, and the food costs should be paid to the centre when you arrive on the first day of your course. The payment should be preferably in cash (Euros).

    Length of time you may hire out the centre

    The minimum amount of time you may hire the centre is two days.

    There is no maximum amount.

    However, from 2nd week of September to last week of May we have evening classes for local people Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If possible we try to disrupt their classes as little as possible.

    So we encourage you to hire the centre between Thursday and the following Wednesday if possible.

    Or if you would like to be here all through the week, maybe we could come to some arrangement whereby the usual local classes could still take place in the yoga roon between 6:30 and 9:30 pm on those days.

    Costs for part of day

    If you wish all of your group to arrive after 5 pm on the first day, and everyone leaves before 2 pm on the last day this will count as one day. If any of your guests wishes to arrive before 5 pm on the first day, or stay later than 2 pm on the last day, this will count as two separate days.

    Guide to bring your students on outdoor walks

    A guide can be available to take your students on walks in the hills or by the sea or in the forest, or swimming, sailing or to visit ancient sites.

    The cost for this is approx €75 for 2 to 4 hours.

    Students should use their own cars, as many of the most beautiful locations are between 5 and 20 minutes drive away. Most people booking from Ireland bring their own car, so people usually take turns in driving.

    The guide should also have a car and be able to take approx 4 students with them.

    Many of the most beautiful walks need a person familiar with them to take you to the best views, the best way to navigate the rocks. However, we can give you general directions if you prefer to take your students out without the guide.

    Further information

    If you have any queries or would like further information, please contact Dave at the centre.

    If you have any special requests, queries or concerns, please let me know.

    Best Wishes, Dave