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    Cancellation Policy

    You give credit card details at the time of booking and your card is checked for validity but no money is debited from your card at the time of booking.

    You pay the full retreat fee in cash when you arrive at the centre.

    If you prefer not to pay in cash, please read Other methods of payment

    If you don’t turn up at the start of the retreat, we debit the full retreat fee from your card.

    This Cancellation Policy applies to all booking made on our own “Burren Yoga Retreat” website. If you booked via some other website, then the retreat fee is non-refundable.

    Cancellation fee

    Cancellation daysAmount card debited
    More than 28 days25% of course fee
    Between 28 & 14 days50% of course fee
    Between 14 days & 48 hours75% of course fee
    Less than 48 hours85% of course fee
    Don’t turn up100% of course fee
    Any cancellation fee or course fee not paid by start of course100% of course fee


    Cancellation days are calculated as the number of days before the start date of the retreat on the day you cancel.

    Please note that if you have paid by Paypal or bank transfer that there is a further fee of €50 which is detailed at
    Other methods of payment


    Cancellation Rules

    The cancellation policy applies to all reasons for cancellation, no matter how valid your reason for not attending the retreat.

    If the cancellation fee is not paid before the start date of the retreat for whatever reason, the cancellation fee then becomes 100% of the course fee.

    All cancellations by email or phone answering service only come into effect when the centre contacts you to acknowledge they have received your cancellation.

    If you notify us of a cancellation by leaving a message on our phone answering service or by email and we don’t acknowledge you within 24 hours, then please know that we have not received your notification and you should contact us in person by phone.

    All cancellation fees must be paid at the time you make your cancellation.

    All bank charges or Paypal charges are non-refundable.


    Covid 19 Cancellations

    If the Government change the restrictions and do not permit travel or do not permit the retreat to go ahead, then there is no cancellation fee.

    If you cannot attend due to you catching the Covid-19 virus, you may transfer your booking to another retreat within the next 12 months provided you send us a doctor’s cert to that effect. All payments are held over to be used on that new retreat.

    If you do not provide a doctor’s cert stating that you have Covid 19 virus at the time of cancellation, then the full cancellation fee is charged when you cancel.

    Transferring a booking instead of cancelling

    Please note that it is not always possible to transfer your booking if the retreat you are booked on is less than 28 days away, especially within the last 3 days before the retreat start date.

    There is a charge to transfer your booking, and this new retreat your are transferring to is non-refundable.

    If the retreat you are booked on is more than 28 days away, you may change your dates to another retreat that is currently listed on the website.

    If the retreat is more than 28 days away, the cost to transfer your booking is €50 for a weekend (or €90 if you are booked on a week retreat).

    If your retreat is less than 28 days away, please contact Dave and he will decide on a case by case basis whether it would be possible to transfer your booking. In such cases when the retreat is less than 28 days away, and if Dave is able to transfer your booking, the transfer booking fee is €100 for a weekend (or €180 for a week).

    The full retreat fee in addition to the transfer fee is paid at the time you transfer your booking. This must be paid at the latest by the retreat start date of the original booking.

    If you have to also cancel this second retreat, apologies, the retreat fee is non-refundable.

    The unlikely event that we had to cancel a retreat

    If something happens that is beyond our control, and in the unlikely event that we have to cancel a retreat, we will fully refund any deposit or retreat fee that you have paid already.

    If you are booking flights to come here, we advise you to take out insurance when buying your tickets, to cover any such unlikely event, or any other event where you would have to cancel yourself.

    Flexibility and Fairness of the cancellation policy

    We try to be as fair and as flexible with our cancellation policy as we can.

    We have compared our policy with other retreats centres, and the majority of centres require you to pay a deposit of 50% of the retreat fee at the time you signup for a retreat.  Most of these non-refundable deposits are non transferable to another retreat.   Cancellation for any reason involves losing your non refundable deposit.

    Furthermore most other retreat centres impose a 100% cancellation policy if you cancel less that 28 days before the course start date.

    Few if any offer an exception where you can transfer your booking to another retreat.

    We hope that nobody has to cancel their booking on one of our retreats, and that our flexible policy will help you find an alternative retreat if an unavoidable situation arises for you.

    Best Wishes,