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    School Trips Ideas

    A great idea for a school trip is to choose between a day or a few day eco yoga retreat at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

    We offer mid week specially tailored 1, 2 or 3 day offerings specially for schools.

    The maximum number we can cater for is 15 people, so this is usually composed of 2 teachers and 13 students.



    The setting is a genuine yoga and meditation centre, which is only used for yoga and meditation retreats, and the energies and atmosphere are very special and are very apparent the moment one arrives at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

    Great feedback from previous school trips

    We have a proven track record in providing very good quality school retreats.

    We have only heard back the highest of feedback from both the school teachers and the pupils themselves which have found their whole experience

    • very informative about yoga, meditation, Buddhism and taking a retreat
    • very practical in that they can use some of the techniques when they ho home
    • very inspirational in that they actually experience some of the benefits
    • eye opening when they discover the freedom of leaving behind their mobile phones
    • very enjoyable and tasty vegetarian food and cakes 😉
    • a great way to have a different experience with their school mates and also teachers
    • great fun especially when they visit Father Ted’s house
    • great experience that they tell all their friends and parents about when they get home

    One school The Crescent College Comprehensive  from Limerick which have come back 4 consecutive years and always book their trip one year in advance.

    Crescent College Comprehensive

    Grainne Delaney – School Chaplain

    Dear Dave,

    I just had to drop you a line to thank you and your lovely wife for your extended hospitality to us last week. The experience exceeded our expectations ten-fold.

    Thank you for bringing yoga and meditation to the students in such an open, do-able and interesting way.  Alan one of the students, is going to repeat his leaving just so he can go back.

    Thank you to Paddi who inspired us all to take to the kitchen, and we are looking forward to trying out her banana bread recipe.

    I feel deeply affected by the experience and at mass in the school last  night we heard great reports on all the experiences.

    I will ask Shane to email you a copy of his report. He really verbalised what is almost impossible to verbalise, very articulately.

    Best wishes to you in all your work. I will be in touch with next years dates . We are very eager to return.



    Secondary school residential trips

    As part of your Secondary school residential trips  we can optionally offer

    • comfortable shared accommodation and single rooms for teachers
    • the best of vegetarian meals by Paddi the famous cook
    • meditative Satyananda yoga classes including breathing techniques, gentle postures, deep relaxation
    • dynamic fitness style Ashtanga yoga which also gives a good physical workout
    • an introduction to meditation and a few opportunities during their stay to practice meditation
    • talk followed by questions and answers on Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation, bringing a practice into one’s daily life
    • a walk up Mulloughmore mountain or one of the other special locations in the Burren
    • a visit to Father Ted’s house where we can have tea and sandwiches and cakes and take turns trying on Bishop Brennan’s hat and posing for photos 😉
    • a genuine retreat environment within a friendly relaxed atmosphere


    School residential trips

    You can choose what works best for your particular school residential trips

    You can choose between

    • a single day school trip
    • a 2 day school retreat
    • a 3 day school retreat
    • a longer school retreat


    We are flexible in our approach and will discuss with you your preferred time to arrive and depart, any specific requirements for your group and between us will come up with a proposed timetable of activities.


    Sample School trip timetable we have used previously



    9:30 amArrival
    9:45 – 11:15 amDynamic Yoga class
    12:00 noonLunch
    13:00 – 13:30 pmKarma yoga volunteers to help washup
    13:45 pmOutdoor trip into the Burren hills or by the sea (may include visit to Father Teds)
    17:00 pmMeditative gentle yoga class
    19:00 pmDinner
    19:45 – 20:15 pmKarma yoga volunteers to help washup
    20:30 – 21:15 pmMeditation
    21:15 – 21:45 pmMeet with teachers to review day
    24:00 midnightSilence


    For retreats more than 2 days long, the suggested timetable for any further days would begin at 8:15 am with Meditation and finish approx 21:45 pm with a meeting of the students with the teachers to review the day.

    Departure day



    8:15 – 8:45 amMeditation
    8:45 – 10:00 amChosen Yoga class
    10:00 amBreakfast
    10:30 – 11:00 pmKarma yoga volunteers to help washup
    12:00 – 13:00 pmQuestions and Answers or class or talk on Buddhism
    13:00 pmLunch
    14:00 pmDepart


    School sports tours

    There is a choice of locations we can visit and activities that we can do on your school sports tours.

    The places we can visit include

    • Visit to Father Ted’s house
    • Walk up Mulloughmore
    • Walk by sea at Flaggy shore
    • Visit Saint Colman’s hermit cave where he meditated for 7 years in 8th century
    • Other requests or options


    It is nice to spend some time in Nature and also give the students time to chat and laugh and have fun, and also to give them time to assimilate the practices they have experienced during the classes and talks.

    This also gives them a different setting where they can ‘be themselves’.

    There is a nice balance between time spent indoors, and also our time spent outdoors in Nature.

    Considerations and Guidelines for your school tours in Ireland

    • Your own bus to get here
    • Use of the bus on the day we have our outing unless you are happy with walking the hills surrounding the centre
    • No mobile phones with the centre
    • No shoes worn inside the centre
    • The students take turns in helping with the washup according to karma yoga principles
    • Teachers must be present at all times
    • Courteous and mannerly behaviour required at all times
    • Prior booking as far ahead to ensure dates you require are available
    • Deposit required to book your dates

    These eco yoga retreats are a great way to introduce yoga and meditation to the  students, and this can help them with their studies and also in reducing stress when coming up to exam time in the future.

    These eco retreats are a great alternative to a school tour in Ireland.


    Prices for your School Trip or your School retreat

    We try to be as keen with our prices as possible.

    We hope that your visit here will result in many of the students taking up the practice of yoga and meditation or at least considering the possibility of this within their life.

    We have set rates for the various different packages that we offer, and are also happy to provide a price to you for any special requirements you may have.

    Please contact Dave who founded and runs the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre with your requirements to receive a price.