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  • Authentic Yoga Retreats

    in Paradise Burren Geopark

    Kinvara, Co. Galway
    on West coast of Ireland

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    Yoga retreats

    The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre offers over 40 yoga holidays each year.


    We have week long courses during the Summer months from June to August, and also at Christmas, New Year and Easter.

    We offer weekend courses in Yoga retreats and also other forms of yoga during the rest of the year.

    Yoga retreats courses

    The feeling of peace and serenity that one feels when one arrives at the centre brings one immediately into the present in a very heartfelt way.

    The centre was built in 1999 and consists of two modern eco friendly buildings on a 2 acre grounds situated at the foot of the Burren Hills.

    The centre is 5 miles from the nearest seaside village of Kinvara. It is an ideal location for a retreat, and the stillness and unspoilt Nature of the Burren helps bring about a stillness within.

    Yoga retreats in Ireland

    We have been running yoga holidays and yoga retreats since 1999, and many people have found that we have the right balance of great quality yoga classes, time spent in Nature in the Burren and wonderful vegetarian food provided by Paddi the chef.

    Delicious Vegetarian meals

    Part of our retreats include time spent in Nature. Outdoors in the Burren.

    Yoga retreats workshops

    The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is the perfect place to practice yoga and to have an Yoga retreats holiday.

    We are the only yoga centre in Ireland to cater from Complete beginners to Advanced , to offer all forms of yoga, and provide over 40 quality residential retreats all year round.

    Opened in 1999, we ensure that we use only the most experienced and committed teachers on our Yoga retreats Retreats.


    There are courses all year round, nearly every weekend.

    There are 7-day long courses during the summer months, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

    We teach various forms of yogas on our retreats, and these range from very gentl;e yoga retreats to very strong and dynamic forms of yoga.

    What type of yoga is best for me ?

    Yoga retreat coming from the UK

    Ireland is only a short hop from the UK, but what better place to come than the west coast of Ireland to the beautiful Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre?

    Facilities and photos of the Centre itself

    Yoga retreats