What is the reality of running a retreat centre?

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  • What is the reality of running a retreat centre?

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    >>What is the reality of running a retreat centre?

    Impossible to describe 😉

    Mountains and mountains of work. Swami Nishchalananda has described my own path as that of a karma yogi. Putting in huge amounts of work in order to run the centre, and in so doing… benefitting others by providing a very good environment to experience true genuine yoga, and then to bring it home into their daily lives.

    The most rewarding and worthwhile thing I could image doing.

    A most beneficial and transforming way of having to be, in order to be able to run this centre.

    Very early starts to each day, showing people around the Burren going on hill walks and walks by the sea, immersing ourselves in Nature, chatting to people, listening to them, guiding them if it is appropriate, laughing with them, enjoying the amazing food of the Burren (which won the best place in Ireland for food in 2016), unblocking drains, answering endless phone class, endless emails, updating the website, playing with my kids (6 years old and 3 years old), spending time with my wife, falling into bed, and smiling. And amongst all that, hopefully awareness of breath, of energy, and of love.

    Living in a mobile home for the past 10 years with my wife, and now two kids, while waiting to get planning permission for our own house.

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